How to defend yourself?

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  1. I've literally never been in a fight my whole life. I've been cool with mostly everyone. But now that I'm in college, people are talking shit, and I feel its only a matter of time before they try fight me.

    I'm pretty small, only 5'7 and skinny. What are some tips for defending myself against someone bigger? or in general?
  2. You want to win a fight? Just think of the guy you're fighting like he's trying to kill you. Fight dirty too, do whatever you can to fuck that bitch up. weapons whatever, if you try to swing on me, you're going down, bitch.:D
  3. Get in shape and learn martial arts.
  4. Always aim through your target. Punch with your large two knuckles... not with the smaller of the two... as these break!

    Educational purposes. :cool:
  5. Carry a machete at all times.
  6. The best advice is to not get in a fight though. :confused_2:
  7. Don't be afraid to get your ass kicked..

    even though that's probably whats gonna happen.
  8. Carry a knife with you. Anyone with half a brain would probably avoid fighting you if you pulled out a knife.
  9. Better yet, get a gun
  10. Pulling out a knife on someone is a really bad idea, do you want this dude to get shot?
  11. Don't worry. One day you'll get into an actual fight and get your ass kicked. But, just as the guy is about to finish you the handyman shows up and whoops some ass. Fung fu style. Intrigued, you'll ask him to teach you. He'll be reluctant at first, but then come around to it when there is no other option. You'll join a kung fu style tournament and kick that guy's ass eventually in the final round. In the end, you'll shout out to Miyagi in glory now knowing that you can defend yourself. YAY!
  12. electrified brass knuckles.
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    [ame=""]YouTube - Bas Rutten Street Defense - The Better Version[/ame]

    this video is made to be funny but the actual video is pretty good. it's all on youtube, do some research young grasshoppa
  14. Just let them talk shit, it's not worth possible police encounters or a few days of being sore.

    edit: Fighting, you win, and you just hurt somebody for essentially no reason. You lose, you just got hurt for no reason. If you don't want to fight and somebody still starts shit, well I'm not allowed to say what to do (I don't approve of it either, but my past history still has a hold of me)
  15. I carry mace, for self-defense purposes only. Fighting doesn't prove a goddamn thing. I can come shoot your tires and windows out, pay my dealers friends to break all your limbs with a bat, etc. But that doesn't mean a goddamn thing.

    Pointless shit.

    Be the guy who's so chill everyone would immediatly leap to his defense if shit went down.
  16. Fighting doesnt mean, or prove shit. You are correct on this. It is only meant to literally save your life.
  17. DON'T carry a knife. My dad got jumped by 3 people that where under 30 and he is a 45 year old man in poor condition. He got slugged in the back of the head after he walked out and they kicked the shit out of him until he pulled out his knife. They dipped and then the cops came and hes getting charged with assault with a deadly weapon. He was using it in self defence and they took their word over his, even though he had to crawl back to his truck because he couldn't walk. Don't you think if he pulled out a knife and they kicked the living shit out of him, that that is enough punishment? He's looking at a few months in jail over something as stupid as asking the dude if he had a problem because he was staring at him.

  18. I'm usually against carrying guns because people can get too emotional and do something incredibly stupid and serious. IMO you're less likely to fuck yourself over with a knife than a gun.

    How many people do you know honestly roll around with guns? I've been involved in some pretty serious fights before and only once has someone pulled a gun, and that was only cause they didn't want to fight. Most people I've seen leave the guns at home in case the cops show or someone gets ahold of it. If they intend to use the gun, they will, regardless of if the kid has a knife or not.
  19. Yo take some grappling classes. Youre not gonna learn shit in karate. Watch some UFC.

    Im about your size but i used to wrestle. The big ones hit the ground harder! It's rarely the big guy you have to worry about. It's those little fuckers! Trust me. It's instinctual now when i get in fights to take em down if its not an easy open face one puncher.

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