How to decorate my room?

Discussion in 'General' started by Bluntskee, Sep 22, 2009.

  1. So i just moved into a new apartment in sunny Florida. and i'm trying to come up with a cool way to decorate it. meaning posters, tapestries, banners, mainly stuff for the walls, since i have nothing on the walls yet. Any cool ideas? or anyone want to share what you have on your walls. I don't want my room to scream "hey i'm a stoner". I'd like it to be more of stuff that is cool to look at while stoned or not. I'm thinking about getting a few Andy Warhol reprints or something like that.
  2. Perhaps put all your posters on one wall and leave the others blank? I had a similar thing in one of my flats' where all the posters were together and kinda snaked up the wall and onto the ceiling and kept going, kinda strange to describe.

    I've always wanted to make a massive mandala around a ceiling light fixture, just cut out random coloured paper to make it, IMO would be sweet.

    If you have skills how about whitewashing a wall and tagging it?


    Just make sure you make it 'mature' and not too childish, which incidently really helps if you frame your posters.

    Another idea would be to cover your walls in records, you can buy cases for them and just hang em.

    /e: One or two of the BIG posters (IIRC 2m x 1m or some such) can make a big impact, I lived in one flat which was an old tenement building so had really high ceilings. Had a huge Floyd poster (the one with triangles) over the mantleplace and just had that 'wow factor' cos of the combined height

  3. I vote for the white wall then tag it up.

    Posters are ok in small amounts..and be picky. Most will just make your room look like it should have back in high school.

    Can't go wrong with music posters.

    Personally I like my walls almost all plain though. Have a couple hats n things up but no posters or pictures/paintings haha
  4. blacklight posters
  5. Definitely get some Warhol and maybe a blacklight poster or two. I have 2 really big posters of Bob Marley in my room right now and a bunch of movie posters and i'm pretty pleased (doesn't look too obvious i'm a stoner :D). Just get creative and clever, smoke a bowl and go shopping haha
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  7. Same. My walls are plain apart from a Buddha scroll thing made of hand made paper, a Chicago Blackhawks jersey (hey I'm a big Waynes World fan LOL) and a framed painting of the sea over the south of France my grandmother painted.
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