how to decide to cull?

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  1. ok im coming to the point where i need to cull down my strains and my multiple phenos of certain new strains
    the big ? is how to make the decision
    im running 30 different strains and then i still have 20 diff phenos from some of those 30 strains that need culled
    i need to b realistic about how many i can keep
    my original plan was to keep 4 main commercial strains and then experiment with bonsai party cup moms....18 party cups fits into a flat............
    so 4 commercial and 18 head stash
    so i need to cull 8 over all strains and then pick 1 pheno only from each strain kept
    the 4 commercial strains need to b huge (or phat).....taste good and have some punch
    so far i have my white snazzleberry............and my chemstar (aka sweet skunk)
    so my commercial are all done..........(although some of the others could make the status of mom once i master the strain)
    my list of potential head stash are lots and plenty...........take a huge ass page just to name them all
    a few are
    lemon sour dough (uber pheno out of a single seed purchase )
    triesel (3xdiesel)
    jilly bean
    pandoras box
    afghan kush
    vanilla kush
    blackberry cheese
    double koosh (bubbakush x g13/h)
    (im smoking some recently dried triesel.......)
    i need to take some pics..............
  2. plan would b to take 1 cut of each head stash per month.......
    then rest of clones from my moms
    after the party cup moms get big replace them with small rooted clones and put the big party cups into 1 gallon containers and into veg
    until i cull down to that im really losing my mind........i have to keep track of 50 diff strains/phenos and im NOT an organized person
  3. I have culled based on:
    compatability with my soil.
    Flowering time/finishing time.
    Rate of maturity/onset period/presex flower onset time.
    Stretch in flower.
    Smell of rubbed stems in veg.
    Smell of buds in flower.
    Smell of buds dried in bags.
    Look of dried buds in bags.
    Harvest weight.
    Prunability of havested buds.
    Stability of breeding line.
    Transference of taste to offspring.
    Compatibility to used growing method.
    The type of 'high'.
    Duration of 'high'.
  4. lots of thinking involved with culling phenos and strains.......
    i culled a few already with prob 20 more to get cut

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