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how to deal

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by potthesmoke, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. so i live at my parent's still and they don't want me to smoke and it's fine by me to take a break, i wanna go for like a year maybe? what's the longest you've gone without? for me it's 4 months but it was really hard. anyone got suggestions on how to ease the pain of not smoking herb?
  2. I was expecting something comlpetely different judgeing by the title. lol

    Just get back into old hobbies or find new ones.
  3. i had to take a 6month break because of probation about 4 years ago. it was really hard. after 5 months i almost stopped the green herb for good, i almost forgot what being high was like. im glad i didnt stop i fukin love weed! the first smoke the day i got off probation was amazing.

    i picked up smoking cigs then quit when i got off, i would not recomend it. i would personally save your money so you can get a cool bong and or bud when you can smoke again. the best thing to do is not hang around other people while they are toking to often cuz it will make you want to smoke
  4. Last time i had to give up bud, I started smoking ciggies i wouldn't recomend it
    because now i can't stop smoking either of em, but its a good subsitute
  5. its all about substitutions. if you quit i suggest beating your meat like it owes you money.

  6. lmao, if i did that to substitute weed i would dry my balls up
  7. Well, I know what im going to do on my Smoke break now :)
  8. lol...agreed me too...i thought he was gonna ask how to deal drugs or something? :cool:
  9. nah im not a dealer...yet. i will be if i dont find a job soon.
    anyways i live in cali now but i still rep for jersey from time to time, grew up in west orange =)
  10. sculpt bowls, carve bowls make bongs, save money for weed and eat a lot of robo gels.:hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello::hello:
  11. NJ to Cali - gotta love the transition ;)
  12. i would much ratha be on the west coast than stuck here on the east. shit's cold this time of year haha. not to mention how hard it is for me to get quality bud around here... :(

  13. dont eat a lot of robo gels, that seems counter productive. haha. robo trippin is fun, but only once in awhile.

    ive never had to quit, but think of all the money youll save! save it and then buy a huge fuckin bag and throw a party after you get off probbie!
  14. yeah i agree man just think about all the shit your gonna smoke when you can. make sure you save up enough money for a lot to get you fucked up.

    jus read a book or somethin to distract yourself though :laughing:
  15. I find if you keep worrying about it you'll be much more likely to relapse. If you want to quit don't go about making elaborate plans. Just do it, get it out of your mind and keep it out of there.
  16. Whenever I take a tolerance break I get really into my studies. I didn't really enjoy it, and it was a lot of boring stuff for long periods, but I did well and I didn't think about smoking.
  17. Haha not what i was expecting either
  18. maybs try a pipe or cigar
  19. lmfao, you made my day.
  20. Best idea in this thread IMO, just do what you always do except smoke pot and like someone else said already, dont hang with people who are going to talk about it all the time or do it around you.

    Thats all you need to quit :)

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