How to deal with the death of your dog/bestfriend.

Discussion in 'General' started by HankMoody, May 4, 2011.

  1. So i assume many of you know due to my past 2 threads about my dogs being slaughtered by mountain lions. My dog (Samantha) and my moms dog (baby) Here is Part 1: and here is part 2 w/pics of incident:

    I know now the reason why i made these threads the day my dogs were slaughtered, and it was because i didn't really want to think of the true aspect that they were really gone. I was ignoring the reality of everything and just wanted to know how it happened. After several days of my dogs no longer with us, i am in a severe depression. My dog, which her name is Samantha has been by my side since was 5 years old. She got me through some rough times when i had nobody else by me. I believe if wasn't for her, i may have not be here today. I am 20 years old now. Many of my friends after High School moved to colleges far away or just simply moved away. The only thing i had left for the past 2 years was my dog, and some aquaintes.

    Samantha and I had a great connection and she was truly what they call "mans best friend". However over the years, she of course got older, could barely hear, her teeth were rotting, possible small tumors? But she was still happy and loved me. I was preparing for the day that i would have to put her down peacefully in a vet, and of course the complete opposite happens. I truly miss her, and it gets extremely lonely in my room without both of them. I know i am a man, but i have been sobbing like a bitch on and off for the past couple days....meh maybe i'm just pathetic.

    I don't think it helps that i blame myself for their death. It was 7:30-8:50 in the morning when it occurred, and if i wasn't such a lazy fuck sleeping in, i would of seen this attack happen and i know for a fact i look outside just to see my dogs chilling, and if i saw that mountain lion doing what it was doing..i would of grabbed the butcher knife and went out there, i don't care how dumb it sounds, but nobody messes with my dogs like that.... Anyways, any helpful suggestions would be nice.
  2. Take up hunting and go find that motherfucking mountain lion. It'd make a nice trophy to hang over your soon-to-be new dog's bowl.

    It's for the best anyway. She was getting old. I mean how much time do you honestly think she had left? At least you don't have to be the one to put her down anymore.
  3. It's not yours to own.
  4. Sorry for your lost man, it must be hard losing a friend.
    This might be extreme but how about getting a tattoo honoring your dog? maybe getting her name tatd on your arm or somewhere else.

    Think about it..
  5. Yeah thanks man, i never thought about doing this but maybe.
    Sidenote: My mom just bought a new dog home...almost the same breed... It's a Yorkshire instead of a silky terrier, since she was really depressed about her own loss...I'm not sure how i feel about this...

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