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How to deal with greedy friends ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by chasing, May 9, 2011.

  1. Has anyone got any advice on how to deal with greedy friends ?

    It's nice to smoke in a social group but I am getting a bit fed up my stuff being used up by people who don't contribute whatsoever.

    If we are sharing I like to do a two toke pass thing, just so it goes round a bit, but two friends insist they never do that and it's boring and then proceed to smoke up the whole spliff so I get left with hotlips.

    I don't know how to handle the situation, I know I could stop smoking with them but apart from the greediness we always have a good time and are friends outside of just smoking together.

    Another problem is they hardly ever smoke me out, it's always me. I'm a generous person by nature but it's starting to grate, and I don't want to be made a fool of. I feel they're starting to expect it... how can I deal with this ? This is where being friends beside smoking makes it complicated, can I just say it to them ? I don't want to seem like I'm being greedy either though ?

    Any advice would be very helpful !
  2. hmm dont call them greedy fucks but ask them if they could throw in a few bucks or bring munchies to the sesh or somethin like that
  3. Man up and stop being dominated. Simple as that.
  4. Tell them you don't have any and wouldn't for a while or just be straight up. If they get mad then that's their problem. You were a good friend. It's their turn now.
  5. I'm the same way. before you hang out tell them your getting low and tell them basically the only way you will have enough for everybody is if they all pitch in some. Or tell them to give you like $3-4 so you can pick up soon again. If they get mad tell them to bring their own jane to smoke then. They will understand and have over paper or bring some to pitch in
  6. They know what they're doing. And they won't stop until you give them a reason to. Honestly if it were me I'd just be like fuck it and not smoke with them for a week and see what they say.
  7. Its your weed, do what you want. Tell them straight up before you go to toke up next time either to throw down and follow your rules or fuck off.
  8. nah im more of a moocher lol but i still contribute alot of times and i bring over alcohol for him also so i guess were ever
  9. dont be dicks to them its not worth losing ur friends over im sure they wont have a problem throwing in if u just ask
  10. Next time u call them or they call you..tell them straight up to put money down or matchup or stay the fuck home
  11. Yeah I can't say that I've ever been afraid of asking friends to throw down. We're all adults, if I get the feeling I'm never gonna be repaid, you're throwing down. As the wise bumper sticker once said, "Cash, grass, or ass"
  12. I called them up on the two toking thing a few times, and they sorta did it my way for a bit but then before I knew they were having crafty extra tokes.

    I also tried saying I didn't have any once, they always assume I do... mostly because I do but it's quite hard, I want to enjoy smoking with them but I think this might ruin it.

    I think asking for money might have to be the way. It's only fair right ?
  13. yeah ask em for money before u smoke em up
  14. Either start charging $5 a sesh. Or make new friends.

    Or you can tell them to get their own sack.
  15. Tell ur two friends that smoke ur shit up that if they dont puff puff pass to get their own fucking weed! Im usually chill if somebody does it sometimes (usually everybody is too high to notice) but i cant stand ppl who try to leach fucking bud off of ppl!

    So tell them if they dont wanna follow ur rule they then they dont need to touch ur weed!
  16. I might start making them pay for my dominoes, that'd be less awkward !

    I think the problem is I let this go on to long and that's why I feel a bit trapped now. It used to be me and two friends, and then my friend brought in her friend and she's the greedy one... but because they are such good friends I can't really say anything.

    I like the idea of asking them to bring their own as well. I won't be seeing them for like a week now, but next time I do I'm definitely gonna bring it up. If this thread is still open I will report back !
  17. Smoke a whole J right in front of them. Make sure you don't pass it until each can get only 1 measly hit off it.
  18. like a baws. :smoke:
  19. Or have them each pay you a dollar a hit. They cant complain about paying $3-4 to get stoned and when your with 3 or 4 people...thats like $12 and can almost buy you a gram!
  20. I smoke who i want and it's as simple as that... MY WEED - MY RULES ... If i don't want to smoke the whole world for whatever reason then that is my decision... You should just smoke your friends who cut in or who smoke you when you don't have weed...

    and lol @ thcfreak "$12 and it can almost buy you a gram" i could get 2 grams of white widow or bubble gum off my guy for $12 with out a problem... Prices here are 3 and a half for $20 for other people.

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