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  1. so I bought an ounce of weed from this dude like 5 months ago but I really did not know him at all. I finished the ounce in like 3 months and I've taken a break from smoking for the past couple of months and now I want to start again and get some more weed. he is the only connection I have where I live. I have his number, but I don't know him at all, would it be weird to call him out of the blue? it's been like 5 months that's a long time, he probably won't remember me. idk if that would be weird.
  2. It's just profit for him, I don't see why he wouldn't want to sell it to ya lol
  3. Worst case scenario, he says no and you have to find another connect. Might as well try. :confused_2:
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  4. Text him. Or try n get his snapchat... it always feels more safe/less suspect to contact dealers over snapchat as there is no history of your conversation being saved.

    I wouldnt call him tho.. that seems like something an informant would do if the police asked them to.
  5. yeah I only have his number tho, and that's true he might not be cool with texting about weed so idk, how can I text him without directly mentioning weed I guess
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  6. He won't sell to you. You are going to come off as way too sketchy.
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  7. If you dont have the ability to ever see him in person; i'd just discretely mention what you are interested in via text, and ask him if he'd prefer to chat over snapchat about it.
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  8. He could be the one time. Or maybe that's your job.
  9. yeah I mean I honestly don't have much experience with dealers and I am usually pretty awkward around other smokers. idk he sold me an ounce before though so I don't think was too sketchy. i feel like I will come off as sketchy though if I just randomly text him after 5 months and we dont even know each other really.
  10. Do you have a mutual friend in common? How did you meet him? Might be as simple as "hey this is ted (bill's friend), just wondering if I can grab something from you"
  11. Ask him if he has ounces. The worst that could happen is you text the NSA. And still get some fire from the feds lol

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  12. little dealers like that wont really care, fair enough if it was someone phoning for thousands of pounds (currency) worth of it.
  13. Just text him, hey its _____ was wondering if you are still selling? Or something along those lines.

    Worst case scenario he got a new number or stopped dealing.

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  14. "I was a customer several months ago and I'm in need again. Can we meet?"
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  15. This. Don't you have any other acquaintances that smoke?
  16. OH MY GOD Op .. Ive been in this same situation .. Just text "hey wtz up? this is ..... ,im lookin for sum herbs, can you help me out? idk if you remember me, but you hooked me up before with an oz ..." .. worse case scenerio he doesnt deal anymore or its a wrong number becuz its an old number .. Now get to it Op .. tell us what happened ..

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