How to deal with a stealing sibling?

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  1. so basically i live at home with my sister and parents, and legit my sister steals from me. she's older than me and i'm 18, so theres no fucking reason why she shouldn't know better. she's manipulative, a fuckin bitch all the time not only to me but my parents as well, and apparently a thief. my parents refuse to throw her out, which i dont get cuz i'm sure if they found my chron i'd be on my ass, but seriously how the fuck do i get her to stop stealing my shit. its been everything from beers in the fridge that i specifically told her were mine and not to touch them to money from inside my room when i wasnt there. its fucking ridiculous and i'm tired of it, and since there've been no consequences to date i need to find a way to get her to fuck off.

    more of a rant than anything, but i'm down for ideas

  2. Back of the hand bro
  3. I had to lookup the legal drinking age in Canada because I honestly didn't know... Hmm.. 18/19. Anyways:

    It might suck, and it might seem unnecessary to do in your own house... But start putting your wallet in your sock drawer or something.

    If shes going into your room AND digging through your drawers for money thats a problem.

    I have no problem lending/giving my sister $20 bucks for gas or something, but if she ever stole money out of my wallet I'd be pretty pissed.

    As for the beer thing... Call her out on it! "either buy me another 6 pack or gimme $10 for it... I really wanted to drink a few tonight and it bothered me sis"
  4. The only way I could stop my brother from stealing from me was to get a lock on my door for when I left. Good luck.
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  5. steal her shit then and dont give it back till she stops
  6. Or put a lock that you have to access with a key on your door.
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  7. Every single night she is sleeping.

    Antique her. (Throw hand full of flour in her face)

    Explain to her you are going to fuck her over every chance you get like she did you unless she gives you a 300 word apology letter.
  8. buy some realistic looking counterfeit $ and leave them on your dresser or something. Bet thatll teach her a lesson!
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  9. put laxatives in one of your beer cans and leave that one in the fridge. just make sure theres a tiny mark on it so you remember that its not an actual beer for when you've toked.

    or get a mini fridge, and keep your money on you at all times , or find a lockbox to put it in
  10. You can do a lot of awesome things. There are threads full of college pranks that could be used as revenge.. The best answer would to GET A LOCK. Then teach her a lesson, she's taken 80 dollars worth of shit? Record a video of you smashing the fuck out of something of hers and tell her not to mess with your stuff again.. Delete video after showing it to her and DENY EVERYTHING when she starts to cry.. If she doesn't learn then, there's always tomorrow and more shit to break/steal for yourself.. Karma is a bitch, and some people just need it to come around. It sounds like she can walk on all of you, so that's why she does the things she doo..

    At least that's what I used to do.. I had 6 brothers.. One pawned my ipod and video games.. I proceeded to sell his guitar and urinate on his bed.. Fair game:devious:
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  11. Made my night.
  12. hide it better, or camera.
  13. I actually might have to stoop to her level and steal her shit see how she likes it. But then she'll go and tell our parents like she always does, 21 year old snitch, and I'll get in royal shit regardless of her lack of proof and my story

  14. Ya where I'm at it's 18. And there's really no calling her Out or anything she would never give me money for something she stole, she's just one of those fucking assholes from birth it's always been that way. I used to help her out with some cash or whatever but she took advantage of it, then when I stopped she cried to the parents as usual and I got fucked. She's that kind of person which sucks cuz it'd be kinda cool
    To have a halfway decent sibling, but Im not that lucky
  15. I had a brother who was three years older than me and would always take my shit, go through my room when I'm not around. My parents never really punished him, just made him give it back, and he'd end up taking it again. Inevitably we fought all the time because of it. Glad I don't live with him anymore, we're still tight though. :cool:
  16. ^basically my deal. Example, when she stole money from my room and I had picture proof of the money missing, what did my parents do? They replaced it with cash from
    Their pockets. I actually wondered if they were a bit slow that night, how in the hell does that teach the fuckin thief anything.

    Also, the amount of dirt I have on her is unreal, and all she really has on me is that I smoke. But in the event of us snitching each other out(which I haven't and won't do) guaranfuckingteed I'd get in way more shit
  17. steal it back. dont get mad get even

  18. Don't give her that respect. Bitch slap that hoe:wave:
  19. My sister and your sister must be twins. My sister would do the same thing to me. It got to the point where she would come in the house (she no longer lived there) and take things. I eventually told her if she ever came into the house unannounced again I would call the police. I would assume that even though your sister lives at the same residence as you, she can still be charged with theft of your property. It really sucks calling the police on a family member, but sometimes it takes such an extreme action like that to stop the theft.

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