How to deactivate geolocation tracking in Firefox and Opera browsers

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  1. To disable location aware in Firefox, type about:config in the toolbar and change the geo.enabled value to false by double-clicking on the key or right click and toggle

    To disable geolocation tracking in Opera go to Settings > Preferences > Advanced > Network, and uncheck Enable geolocation.

  2. I usually just delete system32 but thanks for the tip!
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    Can you guys elaborate for me?

    They can still see your IP address. With that they can lookup your ISP and a rough location (excluding mobile Internet services). I don't see how the browser can prevent this.
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    Hey I just did this. For some reason my computer won't turn on now WTF!!@!!! I think I got a virus!!!! :p

    "Google location services are used to determine your whereabouts using your computer's IP address, nearby wireless access points and a random client identifier given to you by Google, which is meant to expire in two weeks.

    The first time you go to a website that requests geolocation information, Google Location Services terms and conditions are presented, you will need to agree to them, which can easily be done inadvertently or wihout understanding what that means, after that, every time a website requests geolocation information your internet browser tells you, and gives you a choice: to send your location data, or not to send it." -Source

    "A website will be able to ask you to share your location so that simply searching for “pizza” will bring you the answers you need... no further information or extra typing required"

    "Accuracy varies greatly from location to location. In some places, our service providers may be able to provide a location to within a few meters. However, in other areas it might be much more than that." - Firefox site

    They would have always been able to do this if all they needed was an IP address.
  5. You can track someone down to an exact location using an ip address if you are law enforcement. Your average jo can't though. that's why they introduced location aware browsing. The only people that benefit from location aware browsing are advertisers like google.
  6. Step #1 - Install Firefox
    Step #2 - Disable all browser history
    Step #3 - Obtain GoogleSharing plugin for Firefox and install
    Step #4 - Enjoy truly encrypted and anonymous Google use
    Step #5 - Profit! (Well OK, maybe not really)

    If you want to take it a step further, download and install Tor client from It's an anonymous proxy for your system. Onion routing is probably the best way to go to make yourself appear completely anonymous on the Internet.
  7. Which is completely useless if the person is using an anonymizing service or proxy such as Tor. You can change your IP source address literally on the fly, and not only make it appear that you're coming from a different ISP, but also from a completely different country.

    What most law enforcement agencies continue to rely on is the fact that the average criminal is too stupid and/or lazy to know or care about this.
  8. BS. For years they have had it down to simple little .GIF images that tell your your IP address and your ISP. I'm sure some of you have seen these in people's signatures on various forums.

    I disabled Geolocation in Chrome, then visited this website and it still found my approximate location using my IP address:

    Your IP :: Detect IP address. Locate IP. Find IP address. Check IP. Show IP.

    I remain suspicious that the browser can't do anything to prevent this.
  9. Who are you all trying to hide from? And why?
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    No one in particular.

    But I give out personal info as I please, which in this case is on a need-to-know basis. 99.9999% of Internet users don't need to know where I live/work/otherwise go online.

  11. It's not about hiding really. think of it this way, would you live in a glass house? to some people privacy is an important thing
  12. The right to privacy isn't about hiding things, it's about keeping people out of your business.
  13. 99.9999% of the people on the net don't care or look to see where you are.......I know I have never tried to locate anyone on the net for any reason.
  14. That's because I bet you are a relatively low-usage Internet user.

    Actually it is pretty common to need to locate someone. For example, you discover that the firewall protecting the server that you use to process credit card payments has been attacked repeatedly by the same IP address. It is now necessary to trace the IP address to a location/organization/etc. to prevent further attacks.

    Or, some crazy religious zealot could track you down because they hate you. Or, some lunatic could fall in love with you and track you down to stalk you. Do I really need to continue with an endless list of possibilities that I just don't want to worry about?

    Sorry but nothing is more frustrating than the "What do you have to hide?" argument against personal privacy. Are you sure you didn't work for the Bush/Obama administrations?

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