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How to dab discreetly

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Weston710_420, May 5, 2016.

  1. Ok so I have a problem. I like to press my own wax and dab it because I get wax and a decarbed nug that I can grind and make easy edibles from. However, sadly I have to hide the fact that I use cannabis because my mom is militantly against me using it. She said she did it and that now her IQ is low because of it, but no study has ever confirmed cannabis damages the brain. I was as careful and polite as possible when I explained that I use cannabis and tried to show her studies proving that it can have positive effects, but she just got angry and said "I don't care I don't want you to" keep in my mind I'm almost 20 and I live in Colorado so it won't be long before my mom legally cannot force me to not consume cannabis. Anyways, I like to take small nugs and put them in parchment paper and press the wax with a hair straightener. I only do this when nobody is home and I always use much less than a gram, then I put it in a plastic Baggie while still outside and then tuck it under my clothes to reduce smell as much as possible. But somehow she always manages to catch a whiff despite all the precautions I take and says "I definitely smell something". I manage to convince her that I don't know and maybe it's someone nearby. This works but I know she's suspicious. I really want to come out and explain that I use cannabis and it doesn't hurt me, in fact it helps me. However I know she would reject this and take my weed, no matter how rational my argument for using it. So is there anyway that anyone know of to make rosin without any smell at all? It's actually insane consider the ridiculously small nugs I use
  2. Sorry for the sh
    sorry for the shitty grammar, my phone is not letting me fix the errors
  3. my best bet

  4. Sorry but I gave it bad title, I can dab discreetly it's just that I can't press any amount of rosin without creating a noticeable smell

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  5. for smell make a "whole room" grade sploof my grandma made one to not getr rolled in her old folks home ;)

    use a three r four inch inline fan and 18inch to two foot of the same size duct spritz down a bag of cotton pillow batting with essential oils (orange or somthin
    put yer fan at one end facing inward loosly pack 6 to 10 inches of cotton batting between two circles of 1/8 mesh ending on the other end
    so its inaking air and blowing it thru the scented cotton
    give this unit a seat in yer stoner circles intake facing inward when alone smoke next to it
  6. then mount the unit described above thru the wall from work room to rest of house thru wall
  7. Thanks but I'm talking about pressing rosin which is when you make concentrates by putting weed in parchment paper and pressing it between a hair straightener and then turning the heat on which causes dabs to ooze out of the nug, and this produces a smell even when I use just a little weed. And I mean like a fourth of a gram..

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  8. Febreeze. And store everything in a mason jar when finished.

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  9. Get ozium and some air tight containers and do it when she's out?

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  10. Probably because you are making your own drugs your parents are concerned. Parents that are chill with weed are dope... But when you start fuckin around with chem lab shit making more drugs....
  11. Why don't you just buy your rosin?
  12. Why not move out on your own son?

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  13. What "new drug" is he making? What chemical is found in pressed rosin that was not originally in the plant matter?
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  14. Lmao , mums here now ^^^ (guod)

    If life gives you lemons
    You make lemonade
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  15. They'll always smell it sometimes even imagine the smell. The best advice I could give is to move out of your moms and grow up! Then you can grow your own. Or matter of fact go get your med card.
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  16. "Move out of your moms" is the dumbest advice you could give. Im sure if it was an option, hed take it. Personally i live with parents because im going to college and theyre paying my tuition, food, etc.

    Hes asking how can he live with his parents with less stress about a purely legal drug..
  17. Basically, don't be sketchy and you won't get sketched by the parental artist.
  18. You can spend effort trying to hide your habit or spend that same effort to better your own life. You'll only ever be able to have "less" stress by hiding and sneaking around. That's a good point though, some people don't think they have the option to move out. In OP's case, since you live in Colorado do your rosin pressing at friends house or rent a hotel room for the purpose.
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  19. Get a job and move out?
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  20. #20 wafdof, May 7, 2016
    Last edited: May 7, 2016
    I posted the regular "move out and grow up" to this kind of moronic post but I Reread the OP's post, This gem is what I missed the first glance.

    Unreal this turd is not even thinking of moving out and dreams he can live at home AND do as he pleases. You are mixing up bits of pieces of being of age and becoming an adult and you are failing miserably at your understanding. Anyone can become "old enough" to do whatever but it takes courage to become an adult and start caring for yourself. I hear kids all the time (including my son) get some wild idea that a certain age you become an adult and it's laughable. My son has three kids and he's not a responsible adult.

    OP to make it even more clear you are just another child that thinks they have it all figured out except how to take care of yourself. The simplest task to start but you haven't even gotten to the starting line and you are almost 20, good lord. Life doesn't become easier just because you move out but then you clearly can see the pluses (freedom to whatever you wish) and the minuses your MOMMY is hiding you from (work, BILLS, taxes, no free time and more). She is doing you no big favors at all. Do you have any self pride at all?

    I think the funniest part of the original post is that it could have been written by my step-son and he is a blithering idiot. My step son left and wanted to come back on his terms.....I've not laughed so hard in a long time.

    I have spent more time than you deserve OP. I hate liars and losers and people that want it all without concern for other's wishes. Your mother's house and she said no. Don't smoke there plain and simple. I'm not surprised that according to your post you are spending a great deal of thought into deceiving your mother rather than spending your effort into moving out. Either way the problem goes away but only one way does it really get resolved. Grow up and figure out how to get what you want but not at the cost of others. Even if you stay a deadbeat but smoke ANYWHERE other than in your mother's home I would be more understanding. You smoke at your mother's home after you have been told no then you are more than just a loser. It doesn't have to be that way. You think you know better then learn about moving out if you are such a genius otherwise you are just another kid that thinks they know everything.
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