How to cut down on weed smoking?

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  1. I'm 18 and a senior in high school. I've been noticing that my highs are pretty short and I haven't been blazed in quite a while. I vape a trench with my MFLB during the week before bed, and on the weekends. it varies. Sometimes I'll smoke alot saturday and sunday, sometimes only one day. I wanna try to only smoke/vape on the weekends but I'm so bored after I finish my homework. Like right now I'm sitting on the couch watching tv and I'm tempted to go get high but I wanna get my tolerance down. But then I usually say fuck it because when I usually go days without smoking my tolerance just skyrockets after the first toke. I guess I just can't choose between being bored and getting blazed later opposed to smoking now and keeping my tolerance high and not being bored. What do you guys think?

  2. Same thing here only I'm a freshman.Only I found if you stay busy working out,working,literally anything without being near groups or just potheads,you tend to not smoke as much.I love smoking pot but I stop for 3 months in a row every year so the anti-bodies die.It's like starting for the first time again.
    1-stay busy
    2-stay away from your pothead friends
    3-don't drink or smoke tabbaco
    4-after three months stay trippy my nigga
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    Ask yourself this.   Is smoking weed the only thing that keeps you from being bored?   If that's the case, than you really NEED to stop smoking it entirely and find other things of interest.  
  4. You like the tv show psych?
    :D . ^^
    Not trying to be a dick, but it's not the "antibodies dying". The cannabinoid receptors in your brain get cleared after a period of time (length of time dependent upon how much and how often you partake). Usually, a moderate daily smoker can get their receptors cleared in 7-10 days. 3 months isn't necessary
    Feed your endo-cannabinoid system... ;)
  6. Stop smoking weed for like a month and mabe play some games or something. You are going to be really bored. I know the feeling. The first two weeks are the worst with that boredom. But after about a month the urge to smoke will go down and you'll find your activities arnt quite so boring.
  7. I find it really helps if you focus on other things you like to do, other hobbies, etc. And to hang out less with your friends who also smoke, and tell them you're trying to dial it back so they can be considerate.
  8. You're a senior in highschool....Weed is definitely not what you should be so focused on right now lol

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  9. Yah sorry I was smoking with my science teacher and he said it's was anti-bodies in the blood stream that killed the thc absorbed through the lungs. and the high effect because of the blood passing through the brain.
  10. with the teach...tisk tisk whats happening to the world . what haapened to smoking in the bathroom
  11. Disclaimer: I'm no doctor, I've just written what works for me. Shit that works for me might even be contra-productive in your particular case so use a little discretion.
    Remove easy access to what ever you like, remove things that remind you of it (e.g. dab tools and bongs) from your direct sight, make sure you handle the nicotine withdrawal if you mixed with tobacco, find a way for your brain to reach a similar euphoric state (eg training and sex), DO NOT keep think about how long you've been sober or when you can smoke again (one day at a time really helps) and never forget it will be better soon, it really will. I don't like to recommend this...but since it helps me it I'll put it out there. Almost every time I quit smoking I allow myself to turn to drinking the first week. I'm not used to being in a "normal" state so the times I "need" to be fucked up, I let alcohol do the job.
    Longer semi OT:
    I've been smoking for 10 years now, recreational and to self medicate some psychological bullshit. I've smoked a lot every day and often, but one of the good things I have speaking for me is that I only used to smoke after 17-18 (after work), except during certain periods. 
    Due to some legal troubles I've quit a few times, lets say for 2 months+ like 3 times. I'm currently on a break right now, and fact is, life is pretty dull. People that have been smoking constantly for a long period of time will without a doubt feel that everything is pretty dull. The toughest period is the first 6 months but it can last up to a year and a half until the brains reward system is back to normal again. I don't smile or laugh as much and most of the time I barley want to play around with my hobbies. I'm on month 1+ now so this is getting easier every week.
    What I've used to quit smoking is to make sure I don't have anything at home, I use my e-cig to kill the nicotine withdrawal (I don't smoke cigarettes but used to mix my hash with tobacco) and try to focus mentally on things my brain enjoy. In my case it is learning new shit, challenging myself intellectually or playing games, everyone has their own thing though. Generally, things that consume your thoughts are good. The first period I also allow myself to drink alcohol, but I quit that as soon as I can. I really do not like alcohol or how it makes me, I just use it as a crutch during the hardest period.
    Due to the fact that the brain reward system gets temporarily fucked by prolonged heavy smoking, it also good to try to replace the euphoria from smoking with something similar, eg Dopamine and Serotonin from hard training and sex. Also, even though quitting might be a bitch, it might be something that is good if you've developed a bad smoking pattern. When you are free from the bad pattern you can make a better decision whether you want to smoke or not. I will most likely always come back for example;p
    Also keep in mind that all research point to that what ever damage you've received from smoking (research point to that it requires frequent smoking during a period of 8-10 years to do some "real" cognitive damage), you'll be able to repair with a prolonged break. How long this break is obviously depends on whats happens to your brain.
    Sorry I ramble a lot, topic is close to hart considering my break.
    Best regards and GL
  12. I live in Florida where it's not legal.....yet.He has glaucoma and with him being a teacher he can't get cought with any drug paraphernalia.So we have an agreement.I swore to myself I'd never smoke alone and he can't afford to get cought so we agreed I'd go over for tutoring for an hour then we would smoke.I'm in ap classes as a freshman and I'm getting almost straight A's except for my weights class because I'm not dressed out.
  13. Smoke more weed and you'll get higher

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