How to cure red glazed eyes...?

Discussion in 'General' started by Sambieno, Aug 11, 2008.

  1. Need a quick fix for the stoner eyes... Too late to get visine ...and need sumthing quick lol
  2. rinse with water, take a nap, shower.

    dont use visine much in the long run, i find that it makes your eyes get red, thus needing visine. best to leave it alone
  3. chug alot of water
  4. Run two metal tablespoons under cold water until they're cold. Place with convex side on eyelids, and wait.
  5. Drink lots of caffeine, it will increase your intra-ocular pressure and constrict the blood vessels in your eye.

    (You could also do cocaine or amphetamines)

  6. sunglasses work for me

    yea, but i'm cool enough to wear them at night... you might need practice
  7. If you can take asprin, take one. It takes a while to kick in, but it's also a blood thinner, so it keeps the capillaries from dialating.

    I've also found that an ice pack works. It constricts the capillaries.
  8. I never get red eyes.
    or glazy.
  9. gotta smoke more.:p

  10. LoL, thats what i was thinking, because i know that mine get trassssshed.
    You all know what im talkin bout
  11. I've been smoking every day for a month..
  12. Hafta smoke more in each session. :)

    Just playing - some people actually don't get red eyes, I've read.:smoke:
  13. stand on your head for 15 minutes while drinking a shot a jager.
  14. dont do a shot scull a glass of jack daniels or 2, backflip, poke yourself in the eyes and youll be fine.
  15. yea the poking in the eyes really works.

  16. Same thing happens to me, and everyone else I know that tokes a lot for an extended period of time...

    Rarely get red eyes, cottonmouth, and I only get a little more hungrier than I was before I smoke, never the stomach churning munchies like I used to :confused_2:
  17. Miracle Grow.
  18. sounds like time for a t break

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