How to cure powdery mildew?

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  1. My plant is 2 weeks old and has exploded in growth but to keep the humidity up I added a bowl of water to my tent and tried to remove it at night but lately I've let it sit there to have the humidity at a constant (bad idea I know). After 6 hours of lights out I noticed one of the leaves had tiny white specs on it so I googled it and found that it was mildew. How can I cure this? Would cutting it's leaves give me less of a yeild in the end?
  2. Neem oil spray.
    Let the plant dry before putting it back under the lights (if indoor)
  3. Don't have the time to go out or the extra cash for it at the moment. I'm gonna try some Dawn and some baking soda. Wish me luck.
  4. (shrugs)
    G’luck, Mate!
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  5. Batmanofbmt,

    I recently had a battle with White Powdery Mildew. Rather,
    it might have been a
    battle if I noticed it later or waited to fix the problem. That’s the one good
    hing about WPM: in most
    cases when WPM is caught early, you can remove all traces of the mildew without
    harming your plants.

    There are quite a few products and homemade concoctions people use to treat WPM.
    Among the effective treatments are:

    Milk (1:9 ratio of milk to water)

    Baking soda (2 tablespoons per gallon of water)

    Neem Oil (4 teaspoons per gallon of water)

    Hydrogen Peroxide (1 teaspoon per gallon of 35% H202)

    SM-90 (1:5 ratio of SM-90 to water)

    Rather than go into these methods, I’m going to give you the simple strategy I use
    that gets rid of White
    Powdery Mildew on the first try, every time! Here’s my trusted 3-Step White Powdery
    Mold cure:

    1.White Powdery Mold: Ruiner of beautiful plants.Remove White Powdery Mildew from leaves -
    Get some water
    (tap water works fine) and some paper towels. Wet the paper towels and use them to g
    ently wipe the mildew
    off the affected leaves whilst being careful not to jostle any leaves with spores on
    them. Using a wet cloth
    will ensure that more spores stick to the cloth instead of becoming airborne. Note:
    While it isn’t necessary
    to use paper towels, their disposability helps to curb the spread of spores from one
    leaf to another.

    2.Ensure plants have proper airflow and ventilation - Even if you have absolutely no
    airflow or ventilation
    in your grow room, having even two fans will drastically reduce your chances of
    encountering WPM while also
    benefitting your plants overall health. One fan should be oscillating if possible
    and should gently blow air
    over your plants. All the plants need is enough air to gently rustle their leaves.
    The second fan should be
    in your grow room pointing outward, pulling heat away from your plants (only needed
    if you have no ventilation).
    Having a fan pointing out of your grow room will force old air out of the room, and
    in turn, pull new air into
    the room. At this point, you’ll have new air coming in, being used and circulated,
    then kicked out. Keep in mind
    that two fans is a minimum.

    3.Treat plant with SM90 to kill spores prevent future growth - Mix 1 part SM90 to 5
    parts water(I’ve found 7 parts
    water to be equally effective) in a clean sprayer/mister. Wait until just before your
    lights for off for the day
    and mist your (newly cleaned) plants. Get all the leaves! This diluted SM90 mixed will
    kill any spores it touches,
    and anywhere it lands becomes uninhabitable for future spores. Plus, it’s safe to use -
    even during flowering - and
    it smells awesome.

    There you have it. If you end up running into White Powdery Mildew, give this advice a
    shot and you won’t have to
    deal with it past that first day. If you do end up using these steps, feel free to
    let us know if it helped you or
    not, or how you did it differently. When growers know just a little bit about this
    disease, it doesn’t have a chance!
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  6. Hi Bill, I just was reading what you wrote about SM-90 and had a question, I have seen where it has been added to coco/hydro grows 5ml/gal every feeding but never as a systematic spray for PM.
    Do you apply one time or weekly? Any idea what exactly is in SM-90, I wonder how it may effect the finished smoke?
    Thanks mate
  7. to Use for Watering and Hydroponic Applications
    • 1 tsp SM-90/gallon when added to a reservoir or to water before giving to your plant
    • Be aware it does change the pH so add SM-90 first before pHing your water
    • Anyone use this? Pro's/Con's... all info appreciated

      Use Nutrilife SM-90 to prevent or treat bacteria, fungus and insect problems. SM-90 is prepared from natural plant oils - the organic composition of SM-90 is biodegradable and non-toxic to humans, animals and plants!

      SM-90 is a good product to use from day one with your plants to keep them healthy and pest / disease free. Use as a foliar spray or root feed in both soil and hydroponics gardens.

      Root Disease: SM-90 inhibits common anaerobic fungal and bacterial pathogens. Use for any root disease from ascomycetes pathogens including fusarium, pythium, rhizoctonia, phytopthera and sclerotinia. When added in small quantities to plant nutrient solutions, root disease infestations are inhibited and new root growth emerges. Treated plants develop greater root area and root runs and exhibit a generally healthier root development. Application rate: Apply 2 - 3 ml for each gallon of nutrient solution on a weekly basis.

      Plant Infestations: Treat leaf or stem infestations by appying as a foliar spray. SM-90 eliminates many molds, mildew and leaf spot and is also effective for botrytis, blight, fusarium, leaf mold, rhizoctonia stem rot, sclerotinia stem rot and others. SM-90 also discourages and eliminates many common pests including aphids, thrips, spider mite, and whitefly. It is believed to act as a systemic to inhibit insect colonization and to deter reinfestation. Application rate: Mix 1 part SM-90 with 5 parts water. Spray directly on plant leaves and stems - be sure to spray entire plant as a prevention measure. Repeat every 3 days for up to 3 applications. Spray plants with water to prevent excess build during repeated applications.

      An added benefit of SM-90 is an increase in metabolism and growth rate when used on a regular basis. A great choice for growers looking for a safe product to use on their consumable crops. Be sure to spray diluted solution within 8 hours of mixing. Keep away from sunlight.

      NOTE: SM-90 will inhibit beneficial bacterial colonization. If you are trying to promote bacteria growth in your garden, this may not be a desirable additive.
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  8. Thank You for that detailed response.
  9. Or Plan A …………..
    Which is lots of ventilation and keep your humidity down .
    Straight up truth, you have enough air blowing on your plants and you keep the humidity levels below 30% they don't have fungi nor insect issues ..
    Keeping a 6.2 PH helps too .

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