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How to cure a marijuana plant suffering root damage?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by DJCULTIVAR, Jul 20, 2009.

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    Well yesterday morning, i climbed my wall to put my plant on the roof, so that it gets plenty of sun.. Normally my roomate helps me to do this, but yesterday he was not home so i had to do it by myself..

    Because i had to hold the pot and climb the wall to get on the roof at the same time, i lost my balance and dropped the pot, and it shattered, and i was pretty high up, so parts of the roots were completely ripped from the plant.. I would say that my plant lost about 65-70% of it's roots..

    I instantly replanted it, and when i noticed that the leaves were starting to droop, i gave it water and they perked up a few hours later..

    Well, now the bottom 4 leaves are turning brown and it seems they are dying off.. the ones at the top still look really healthy and green..

    Is there any way i can save my plant, i think it is dying!

    (it is about a month old)
  2. Its probaly in shock as it should be,like if u fell that far. Now it has an imbalance,to much foliage and not enough root system to support it. When i re-vegg a plant i will cut back root system to match above foliage. Only time will tell just keep i on her and remove any dead or decaying leaves. Good Luck:smoke:
  3. If it really lost that much of it's roots, the outcome doesn't look too good. You might want to try foliar feeding for a bit, til you see new growth, if it makes it...:(

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