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How to curb weed cravings?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Raoul II, Aug 22, 2008.

  1. I haven't smoked in 3 weeks and I'm getting desperate. I absolutely cannot smoke until halloween. Can anyone give me tips on preventing myself from caving!?
  2. start a hobby? throwing knives? lol Stay off this site casue it is ALL weed haha good luck bro no way i could make it that far.
  3. Stay off the city for sure, all this place does is make me want to smoke ahaha

  4. haha.. I agree!

    OP, everytime you're craving for a smoke strap on your running shoes and go running'll still want to smoke but you won't crave it quite so much
  5. can you do other drugs? Cuz salvia is nice and cheap if you get x5 or just plain leaves.

    It doesn't last long, but it curbs the craving for weed, cuz doing salvia is very similar to doing weed.

    Works for me :p
  6. smoke some salvia. if u cant do it because of a drug test, salvia cant be tested for. or smoke cigs or drink. get into art. but definetly get off this site lmao
  7. Just stay off the city obviously.. Keep yourself busy.. Just sitting around is the worse when taking a break
  8. Chew gum thats what i do when i go without weed for awhile i chew like a pack of gum a day lol
  9. I think you should do a lot more research before you start telling people that.
  10. agreed.
  11. i dont know for me to not smoke is pretty easy, i havent smoked in in about 3 weeks and i visit the city almost everyday and pretty much think about weed all day everyday lol... but my advice would be just dont think about weed so much or just think about weed all the time seems to work for me
  12. I haven't really smoked since I left school in May, not that hard because I have other shit to do. Sunday was my last night of work and I've been visiting GC for a week or two and now I'm craving like motherfucker.

    ANSWER: Occupy your mind with other activities. Out of sight, out of mind and you'll be fine. Anything you see related to the green will make you crave so hard. Remember, it's psychological and not physical.
  13. a case of beer and a pack of newport cigarettes

    Just make a goal and get to it man, you need a good alternative activity. Find something you love doing.

    SAVE MONEY too... think of that
  15. I'm actually not gonna smoke til like a week into september and I get a sorta contact high from being on here, brings me back to the good old days.... Also being wasted 24/7 helps a lot....
  16. No its not.
  17. Moar masterbation!
  18. go do something really time consuming like restoring an old car or something lol
  19. Have some self control and don't buy it and say no if someone offers it to you and live your life like you did before weed.
  20. Agreed 100%

    Thats why i got myself one of those venus fly traps, and ive just been taking care of it. I also got myself some fishes man!

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