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How to create a relaxing atmosphere

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sshack, May 23, 2010.

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    What can I do to make my room more relaxing. I've heard plants, water fountains, good lighting, what else will help my chill out?
  2. Well i think my rooms pretty chill this is what i got,

    Dark blue painted walls

    posters and painting (raw ones)


    lights then can dim

    get a Ac and fan so your never hot

    some cool looking plants (i love my venus fly trap :D)

    throw some speakers in your room, good ones for a nice surround sound, and never turn your music to loud, I like to keep it below half way, so its just chill and mellow, unless ur just jammin out sometimes its up all the way lol

    Make sure to keep it clean, I have mine really next, clean, i dust and vacuum

    Make some cool chairs, bean bags whatever is nice and comfey,

    I dont like it bright so i clean my shades closed (plus its not very relaxing looking out your window only to see a busy street.

    Hope you got some ideas!
  3. Yeah. thanks for the post. I want to get adjustable light setting, and maybe a plant of some sort.
  4. Definitely keep it clean. Less clutter is less stress.
  5. Get some nice posters going a nice place to kick back like a bomb ass chair or bed and just some good tunes on in the background
  6. Good comfortable chair for yourself and a few extra places for friends to chill.

    Get some good speakers, and maybe a mini fridge. Cool posters like the illusion sort are very cool, so are black light posters.
    A desk or table to prepare your smoke and such, etc.
  7. I picked up a mini-fridge at my neighbors yard sale for $15 yesterday! :hello:
  8. Incense, music, black lights with posters, lots of comfy seating, and definitely munchies and drinks to go around.
  9. all about personal preference dude. I have a dimming light in my room so i can adjust the brightness. a lava lamp is pretty chill too. having a clean room can make things more mellow.
  10. mine is
    1. clean room (but needs be cleand up now)
    2. two 4 foot black lights
    3. gettinf a banzi tree (sorry for bad spelling)
    4. desk for my glass collection and laptop
    5. got a mini fridge (free cuz my cuzzen didnt want it)
    6. nice spot to stash my stuff so my parents dont complain (they just want it out of sight)
    7. diming lights
    8. posters

    i know this makes my room seem big but its realy not i just found a way to fit it all in and still have it be roomy. i hope this can give you some ideas

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