How to crash the system & Invisible Contracts

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  1. Hello all. I found an interesting article that I wanted to share with you. I've been busy trying to educate myself on the law and I've learned a thing or two. :bongin:

    Can we crash the system just by exercising our rights? The answer is yes.

    If people would stop plea bargaining with the courts and force a jury tiral in mass the system would collapse under the weight because of the shear volume of people being prosecuted for the "drug war" alone.

    There is a PDF file that can be found on google called 'Invisible Contracts' and I highly recommend that you find it and read it.

    Yes we have constitutional rights but those rights are subservient to what ever 'contracts' that we've entered in to. For example if you take a job for a computer company and agree to keep their data confidential you can not publish their data asserting first amendment rights.

    You may realize it or not but you have agreed to give up many of your constitutional rights in exchange for the benefit privilege that citizenship affords you. Therefore when you get to court your rights are automatically assumed to be waved and furthermore the court assumes that you are using your benefit privileges unless you inform him otherwise. Fifth amendment rights are the perfect example. Unless you assert your fifth amendment rights at the beginning they are assumed to be waived and they are unavailable to you.

    People will always lose in tax court because they signed a contract when they created their bank accounts agreeing to follow bank rules, among many others.

    You may indeed possess the 'dollar bills' in your wallet but can you prove that you have title? You don't! In fact the 'legal tender' that you are using is still a debit on the national debt. :smoke:

    [ame=]Invisible Contracts - Part 1 - ( - YouTube[/ame]

    [ame=]Waiver Benefit Privilege Winston Shrout - YouTube[/ame]

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