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How to correctly identify weed (help)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Weed_Rabbit99, Mar 28, 2009.

  1. So i've heard that some people who sell weed and are dicks, sell with with crushed glass on it to make it seem like its THC crystals. How can you tell the difference/identify it if it has crushed glass on it or THC crystals?
  2. I have never ever ever ever seen anyone who crushes glass onto weed to make it look more potent. But I have read stories about it. I just think it's propoganda to make people scared to buy weed.
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    An easy test that I've seen done is to get a few 'crystals' on your finger from the weed, then put them in your mouth. If it doesn't feel like you're chewing sand, then you're probably good
  4. It should look like this.

  5. Not true i got glass in mine once:(
  6. This is what grit weed looks like.

  7. LOL wow thats REALLY bad
  8. well i dont know if the tasting test is the greatest idea but its one to try.... does anyone know any other tests i could do to see if its glass/THC?
  9. chill , u are not going to buy glassed weed , if u r so concernd just take a pic and post here

  10. Scrape it on a cd. If it scratches, ut oh, grit weed
  11. You should be able to know just by looking at it if you've got experience with weed. I guess look under a magnifying glass or something at the trichomes to be sure? I dont know. I've never seen it but I'm sure I'd know if I had some.
  12. go buy youself a 50 or 60 power eye loupe, then look at it under magnification. the crystals(trichromes) should be attached to the plant by a stalk and have a bulbus head, crushed glass will look like, well crushed glass. hope this helps
  13. The chance of you buying grit is like the chance of you getting hit by a car in the next week:)
  14. the chances of getting hit by a car are kinda high lol

    u should have said smthng like 'getting hit by a thunder 3 times in the same day'
  15. Check the bud quality sticky at the top. It talks about how to identify weed and how to identify grit as well.
  16. could grit weed hurt you really badly?
    i imagine inhaling little pieces of glass into your lungs can probablyyy cut up your insides.
  17. i think it will fuck you up big time if u smoke it lol
  18. yeah but grit is alot more likely then hit by a thunder 3 times in the same day. I would know i hav been hit by a car :D
  19. if a dealer gave me that i would actually kidnap and torture him.

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