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How to cops bust growers?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by Badpill, Feb 5, 2008.

  1. How do cops bust growers? I hear they have a special camera they use to help detect anything growing. Do you think they would bother to get a warrant if they see 2 or 3 plants?
  2. 9/10 times its because the grower is a dumbass who thinks the electric company wont notice stolen electricity. Thats it. If you had a high bill, just pay for it and keep your fingers crossed. You start hot-tapping powerlines, LEO is gonna pay you a visit.

    The cops do have infared on their heli's, but its a little more complicated than aim and find.

    Infared just picks up heat spots - mostly on ground (its an outdoor grows worst nightmare). As long as you dont go overboard with your lights, and put them in a good place (your attic is not the best place for a 1000w hps) they shouldn't be able to see jack shit.
  3. Outdoors I dont think the piggies would swoop down unless theres a large bleep on the infared screen. Its probably safer to plant in separate patches outside with a relativly small number of plants (10 0r less prob).

    Yea the heat from growing gets some people caught, power you dont have to worry about though as long as you're paying that bill. I have heard of heat blocking tarps/material for indoor grows to block their sight of growlight heat and it works, can't remember what the stuff is called though- outdoors my specialty.
  4. I think some people may be a little too paranoid about that kind of thing. Unless you have a large indoor operation, or are growing like, on your porch in an urban neighborhood.
    i mean... it is just a plant right? i think you could possibly get away with having a garden, and growing it right in the middle of the garden so you can't see it unless you walk into the garden.

    But i may think this way because i live in a tiny town in wisconsin where marijuana isnt a big problem.
    obviously it varies if you live in Los Angeles.

    Until the cops get a marijuana detector. and search all of the united states! *gasps*
    im sure its not a huge problem....

    (sorry for the sarcasm in this post XD)
  5. Yeah, that's kind of how I think too. I mean outdoors seems relatively safe. I've always wondered what got people caught. Is it the helicopters, the smell, ect...?

    I plan on growing next to this small pound that is covered in woods. Theres a house like 200 feet in deep. I don't see how I could get caught but I am still fretting.
  6. Your chances of getting caught growing outdoors is small, but there is always a chance that the cops will find and destroy your crop. Keep the numbers in any one place low and you will probably be alright. Not many cops will walk a half mile into the bush to pull up 2 or 3 plants. Then there are the rippers, more danger from them in my opinion.
  7. Dont worry about the cops too much. Just keep you plots scattered, and theyll never see them. Your main concern is hunters, hikers, and anyone else who happens to be wandering around the wilderness.
  8. the biggest thing is your friends and family narcing. everything else involving your own stupidity comes second
  9. where i plan on growing no one goes but im planning on growing 25 feminized plants on a couple different plots and what im concerned about is the helicopter spotting them so how many plants per plot do you think i should plant and how far apart should the plots be?
  10. never let nobody know how much you grow

    take a look at the video by mr. cooper, i posted it above..

    it shows you how helicopters spot your ganja and how to avoid being caught..

    this video is not how to avoid getting busted when you drive, that is the first one. (incase you may have thought this is that one, this is a new one)
  11. the cop on the video 'in pot we trust' was like partially color blind and could see shades of green really well, and they showed him spotting plants from above flying over in a copter

    not sure how legit that was, but im sure itd also be easy to pick out pot in the open if you have a trained eye
  12. i knew a kid who got busted by the feds who set up surveillance cameras around his outdoor grow to catch him in the act of feeding and such... although he was a complete dumbass... someone must've tipped off authorities though.

    his plants were 8 feet tall and he went to jail for 2 years because he was a minor. its been all downhill for him since.

    this is probably a very isolated case... i doubt this happens very much
  13. Scatter plants, keep your mouth quiet (not telling people you grow) and use trraining like LST and it is kinda hard to get caught
  14. how many plants was he growing? because i REALLY don't want to go to jail for 2 years... or any for that matter.
  15. Don't run an operation you're first time. Planting like 4-8 plants in the woods is perfectly fine. Don't tell anyone. And when you check them i would walk adjacent to them always, and act like you found them everytime. You walk out there like there yours someone or a cop may wait for you... i would act like a hiker everytime just in case.
  16. be careful with paths and possible neighbors. A 17 year-old just got busted in my town for outdoor growing because neighbors saw him walking to the woods, eventually walked on his path that he made because he walked the exact same line everytime, and they found his crop. They called the police who set-up a camera and the kid eventually got busted.
  17. always cover your face and duct tape the bottom of your shoes when you go check your crop.. and if it can be avoided, dont check them during the day. Check on the at night or go out at dusk when the sun is just going down. Dont travel the same path going to your plants, enter the woods in different areas. Just be smart and very suspicious about it.
  18. ive grown plants to were i would take care of them for the first week and once thier strong let them grow and collect in 2-3 months
  19. To be honest in my opinion people give cops way too much credit honestly you think they fly over and just spot a plant? no way they get tipped off then write in the paper they found them of course they are not going to say they got tipped off they 1 wanna look good and 2 wanna scare people from growing if your worried about COPS finding your crop plant and dont come back till pulling season thats what i do and it works for me hence my thread on how to store LB's. the moral of this thread is DONT BE STUPID. once again in my opinion people that get caught get caught for a reason.

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