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How to cope with illness

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by fairytaledaze, Oct 9, 2016.

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    I'm looking for some reassurance here I guess. I am nauseous almost every minute of the day, I typically throw up first thing in the morning and it's hell. I'm always weak and dizzy and hungry because I'm throwing up but can't eat because I'm nauseous. It's starting to take it toll on me and I don't know how to cope with it. How do you guys cope?

    Edit: I've been going to specialists for years and they haven't found anything out. Ive had countless tests done and medications changed. Nothing has come of it. I'm looking for a way to cope mentally with all of this

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  2. see a doctor as soon as possible and explain all of your symptoms
  3. If you're vomiting despite using cannabis, that sounds like something you should not ignore. Have you tried Zofran? It's the only anti-nausea pill that always works for me. Be careful about the other conventional Rx nausea meds, especially the ones that are also major tranquillizers, because they can have nasty side effects.
  4. Zofran, prilosec, ranititidine, promethazine, and now I'm on cyproheptadine. Most of them make me dizzy and drowsy and I can't tell if brain fog is from the meds or whatever is wrong with me. Cannabis helps but even then it's still there.
    Sometimes it just gets annoying being sick and not knowing why

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  5. Have you tried concentrates?
  6. Google ginger root and nausea.
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  7. I have not simply because I get paid minimum wage and it's a lot more expensive I will have to give it a try the. Any recommendations?

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  8. I use ginger sometimes but it doesn't help much

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  9. The only advice I can think of is really easy to say and hard as hell to do: Try to stop thinking about "Why?" Focus on doing whatever works for the symptoms and find something to occupy your mind and distract from the nausea. Otherwise, let your MD worry about the diagnosis.
  10. I have a friend who went through those symptoms for years. It turned out, finally, to be his gallbladder. Doctors just never checked for it that whole time. He got it out and is doing much better now. Hope you get your answers.
  11. If you were in Michigan I could try to help.
  12. I've had a bunch of tests and they say my gallbladder is fine

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  13. Maybe sometimes isn't enough. Maybe it should be more of a ginger root regime, daily, etc. Just a thought. Good luck.
  14. Thanks for your help. I'm also not too fond of the taste lol

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  15. I wonder if you have GI problems?

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  16. A friend of mine had a hole in her ear canal and suffered severe vertigo for years until they were able to find and plug it. In labor she pushed when the doctor told her not to...blew a hole clear through lol It's funny now. I hope you find your answer soon.

    If smoking helps, using a tincture could help a little more -maaaaybe. And concentrates could be the way to go, I know it's not ideal, but if you can try anything, kief even, to boost it and see if that buys you a little more time. If it does, a concentrate might be worth it.

    A topical over the belly might help if it is more GI related (even trying some suppositories could help too, THCA or THC -though be careful with THC!)

    Good luck. I really hope you find an answer soon.
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  17. Thanks! I'll have to check out some topicals as I've never tried it before. I've been seeing a gi specialist for years now and it's just test after test after test I'll try anything

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  18. Have your ears checked too, and sinsuses and stuff. I get crazy dizzy during bad sinus spells. And when I don't eat enough, so you got a pretty bad cycle going on. :(

    Good luck!!
  19. Definitely I will. I never gave thought that it could be something other than gi related.
    I'm scheduled for a ph probe, a gastric emptying scan, and a barium swallow before November so if nothing comes of that ears are the next thing I'll have them check

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