How to cope with depression?

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  1. Hey blades, I'm gonna bum you out a bit, but I gotta vent.

    I've had mental health issues such as depression, anxiety, low self esteem, and anger for many years.

    I am overall unsure how to continue on in life. I am short, average looking, skinny, introverted, and low in confidence. I crack jokes a lot , and get laughs, but I feel like a clown, using humor to mask my pain and discomfort.

    I quit drugs and alcohol, which has helped immensely. But I still find myself generally lonely and unhappy.

    I enjoy few things these days.

    I was in a relationship for 3 years, got engaged, but it was tumultuous. I love her very much but I had to break it off a few months ago. And now while I feel less stressed and am glad I made the decision, I am just burned out.

    I tried to date again, had sex, etc... But didn't really enjoy any of it. Just kinda losing interest in the dating scene. It seems like the girls I'm interested in aren't interested in me, and the girls interested in me I'm not interested in.

    Just not sure what to do anymore. I try to be positive. But honestly I've become a very cynical and self deprecating individual.

    I go above and beyond to care for others to try and make myself feel better, but all in all I'm self destructive to myself. I used to believe in myself. But I think less of that everyday.

    What do I do?

    Thanks if you read all of this. I know it's mopey. But I'm just looking for inspiration, relation compassion. Anybody here who has experienced similar issues (likely many) will be able to relate.
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    lift weights get built push yourself like never before set some goals do something positive play ball outside .me getting built change my life entirly i had something to do with my time
  3. I'm attempting to deal with depression as well. It's been in my brain my whole adult life. I'm on meds, been to 5 therapists, blah blah blah. I can't stop beating myself up for all of my perceived faults and mistakes. What you have to do is recognize when your brain is sabotaging itself and replace the negative thoughts with positive thoughts, or any other thoughts. Make a list of things you are good at, remember that you are a good person and your brain just sucks.
  4. I feel like this. On my days off from work i cant even stand to get outta bed unless its to piss or roll some cigs and even that feels like a battle. Music,beer, and weed always make me feel better but its only a temporary fix. After everything wears off im in the same boat all over again.
  5. There is no simple remedy, take each day one step at a time.
  6. I cope with depression by constantly reaffirming the fact that one day I'll die alone and by my own hand and I'll finally be done with this awful nightmarish existence of a life! Yay!

  7. just find something you like and do it,
  8. when you dip down low in life, the best thing you can do is stop giving a fuck, go out and talk to random people and make a bunch of friends...

    my brother is a depressed fucker because hes stuck living at home, and he hates that shit i never seen such a negative kid..

    he took a vacation to costarica a few weeks back for about a month and came back as completely different person, he made friends and did a peyote and ayhuasca (idfk how to spell it) sweat lodge...

    he basically did a spirit quest like the native americans

    maybe all you need is to change your lifestyle

    i cant handle depression personally and i like to drown it out in substances, and then go get work done that will benefit me in the future

    today my plan is to either sit on my ass and cry about it all day, or smoke a duber drink some wine and build a mushroom factory so i can make some money to buy more pot, and possibly some land
  9. Hey there, stay strong! I myself have a history of depression, anxiety, ADD and anger issues.

    For years I was lost in my own head just letting the events of the world unfold around me. Substances were a problem, keeping relation ships was tough, and dealing with life was an impossible challenge.

    To help myself, I decided to change my diet to healthy whole foods and added a daily work out schedule to my life. This helped SO much, by setting goals for myself and bringing positivity into my life I changed everything.

    Meditation and deep breathing in moments of stress are EXTREMELY important as well.

    Take a break from bud and booze for a while, until you start to feel better. If you smoke cigarettes cut those out completely, they only bring negativity into your life.

    Once you are on the right track, reward yourself with a bowl in the afternoon to unwind after you've finished work and exercised. Hope this helps! Remember, you're living your life and if you want to live a better life YOU need to make a change in a positive direction!
  10. find yourself... you may like him.
  11. yeah depression sucks bro, i heard it gets better with time, still waitin...
  12. yt: tales of mere existence
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    Bro I think that you need to get into the weight lifting scene. Go to school follow you're passion. Don't look for girls attract the right ones by making major lifestyle changes. Start practicing yoga, And practice picking up girls at the mall. Become a pickup artist! And do what YOU want learn not to conform to others. I hope this helped try to take it generally and not grain for grain.

    Just keep busy... You got this man!
  14. This is an excellent first post to the City. Kudos to you. [​IMG]

  15. I have been depressed for over 50 years. At one point in my life, I had to accept it or do myself in. I obviously accepted it. Weed helps.
  16. Talk therapy brought me back from the brink. Years and years of it. So did finding something I like doing. Good luck.

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