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How to cope with being out of bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by fitftw, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I totally understand dude. I just moved and I haven't gotten a dealer yet. I've been dry for almost a week now and it blows. I mean, when I have some I can go a day or so without smoking; it just pisses me off knowing I can't . Especially right right now cause I can't find my remote and I know that whatever shitty TV show is on would be fucking awesome if I was baked
  2. I cant remeber The lasst time i went more than 3 consistent days without smoking. 3 days is about as long as i can last. Havent been sober for 5 years. Id hate to have to stop. But I know for a fact that my life would be alot better if I just stopped smoking for 3 weeks or a month.

    id probally have like an extra 700 bucks at the end of the month too. So if i wanted to start again i could buy alot insted of the usualy dub or eithth every day.
  3. It sucks when you're out of bud and don't have any good alternative to replace its lavish euphoric memorable relaxed feeling, sure I can deal with sobriety but the thing is why would I want to stay sober all the thing, that's fucking boring man. Just finished my month t-break with some loud aka dank from Baltimore, a blunt a day definitely keeps the bullshit away.
  4. I stay broke. But I stay High. Catch 22.

    Idk why but felt like it needed to be said here.
  5. for future emergencies try getting a bowl piece and smoke out of it until a nice layer of resin is built up. the next time you are low and have to wait a few days, scrape the bowl and smoke the residue (the black shit caked on the glass). It will taste nasty and make you cough but will get the trick done.

    if you're a joint smoker, save all your butts...when you're out of bud unwrap those bad boys and smoke them!

    running out sucks but if you plan ahead and have back up situations for when you really can't wait for the next day, little tricks like this can come in handy.
  6. So how does one 'run out'? Just buy more. Payday is always just around the corner unless you don't have a job. In which case, get one or get some seeds. There's always a solution.
  7. Aerobic Exercise Training Reduces Cannabis Craving and Use in Non-Treatment Seeking Cannabis-Dependent Adults (full – 2011) Aerobic Exercise Training Reduces Cannabis Craving and Use in Non-Treatment Seeking Cannabis-Dependent Adults

    Exercise can reduce cannabis use in persons who don't want to stop (news – 2011)
    Exercise can reduce cannabis use in persons who don't want to stop

    Strategies for quitting among non-treatment-seeking marijuana smokers. (abst – 2005)
    Strategies for quitting among non-treatm... [Am J Addict. 2005 Jan-Feb] - PubMed - NCBI
  8. Seriously, you just cope. If you can't for a day or two, you've got a problem. I've been weeks without just now! Anyone can and SHOULD be able to. Stop thinking about it, it's all in your head...
  9. Weeds only leads to mental addiction. You dont "need" weed. So quit being such a puss pants.
  10. I don't let my life revolve around weed. What happened was you are now psychologically dependent on marijuana. Think of weed of a way as something along to the side, it shouldn't be your dead on first priority. If you really have no willpower, I know people that just want to see smoke come out of their mouth so smoke a cig or tea. Hope this helps
  11. I tend to smoke almost every night, this thread made me realise I haven't smoked for a week, didn't even notice I havent, why? I have other things to keep me entertained.
  12. Maybe it's time for time for a little break?
    I don't even know how people can appreciate the green if they are high all the time. Experience life sober for a little bit and you'll realize how awesome it is being high.
  13. My friend used to always take out a gram or two when he bought a half OZ and store it somewhere around his house in case of emergencies haha.

    As he was only dry for a few days at a time, those emergency grams came in handy during the dry spells
  14. any reason you have to be a sarcastic douche? :confused:
  15. When i am out i just think on the positive side, atleast when i smoke next in next couple of days or a week ill just get totally baked, it just makes it worth waiting for.
  16. Shit. Im out. This sucks. I know i amm not getting to sleep tonight. Oh well. Such is life.
  17. Chill out.. it's just weed. Is your life really that dependent on it?
  18. No its not but its just great to have. Especially this weekend when i go hiking for 8+ hours. It helps with the pain from walking so far and its nice because i feel connected to the earth im hiking on, on a much more personal level.
  19. i've heard that one before
  20. i bet you have. but im not as desperate as it may seem. mary jane and me have a weird relationship but i know she will never leave me.

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