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How to cope with being out of bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by fitftw, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. I was little harsh, but it's annoying to see someone bitch so much for having to be sober. I get that you love ganj, just like everyone on this board.

    However, you respond with so much hate when someone criticizes you. Get over it. I hope that your not like this when your high.
  2. I tend to go find someone else who has run out of herb, and usually suggest we go in on a half so we can get through a couple days
  3. I'm only normal when I'm high.

  4. Fair enough haha :smoke:

  5. or is it? maybe weed is crack and crack is weed and we have just havent noticed:eek:
  6. [quote name='"MattyBee"']

    or is it? maybe weed is crack and crack is weed and we have just havent noticed:eek:[/quote]

    Mind blown.
  7. People like YOU are the main reason why marijuana is still illegal. You, and people who act like you, have caused so much harm to the reputation of marijuana you just don't even deserve to use it. Offended? Not my problem, get a life. :hello:
  8. Dawg u havent gone more than 2-3 days without smoking in the last 3-4 years??? Take a fucking 3 week tolerance break. That shit will make you higher than back in the golden days. U need a hobby that revolves around weed man. Ive been hitting the gym hard since jan 2011. I went from 17 5'10 135lbs to 19 168lbs. Almost all muscle. And weed fuels my hobby. I lift high (never cardio baked) then go home and eat as much shit as I can. And since my metabolism is fast as shit I can eat whatever the fuck I want. Made dozens of friends in the gym (some smoke most don't) and you have no idea what an esteem boost it is when girls who used to give two shits about you are approaching you and complimenting your success. And maybe you'll even look upon yourself in a brighter light. You seem in a negative place bro so maybe it's time for change. And I'm not suggesting go out and get a gym membership (even though I'd recommend it to everybody). That just happened to be one of my hobbies. Try fishing canoeing biking jogging camping. Anything. But you need balance in your life. Your life can't entirely revolve around pot but you should use pot as an accessory to enhance whats already in your life. I wish you luck buddy I think it's tremendously sad you don't enjoy life sober. Shit u need to appreciate life sober before u can even begin to enjoy life high. :best of luck my dude:
  9. i know what it's like i'm not going to have any weed for like a month. really sucks.
  10. Mike, I already go to the gym 4 or 5 days a week. How's that supposed to change the fact that being out of weed makes me very depressed? Yes I still go without weed, it's not like I'm at home crying. I do what needs to get done, but I am a bit sadder while doing it.
  11. Thanks man. Clearly you're the go-to guy for addicts.
  12. People he is looking for suggestions on things to do with his time other than consume marijuana. I really don't think all the negative comments and such will help in anyway. This person is a fellow toker. Just throw some ideas out instead of being so rude.
  13. YOUR NOT ADDICTED TO WEED!! goodness, sorry but it just gets aggrivating. 2 days and you wont even think about it really. if its effecting your life that much think about it though man. to much of a good thing is still a bad thing man.
    sorry for getting aggrivated though man. go hang out with friends who dont smoke? always works for me even though i never really think about it that much.
  14. Whenever I'm out of bud, the only time it really gets to me is if I have my piece sitting in front of me. I look at it and think about smoking out of it. I feel addicted too, but I can deal if I have something else to do. Go to work, go to school, go out and buy stupid shit. Whatever, blow smoke rings.
  15. Mind over matter
  16. I see what most of you are trying to say, that if a fellow smoker is affected so much mentally when he/she is dry that you should alert the person to the potential problem they may have. But, wow, yet again I get to see how freakin' judgmental and hypocritical many fellow smokers are. A lot of you have looked down on this kid for seeking advice on how to get through the dry times that, I must remind you, we have all gone through at some point. I'm surprised at how superior many of you clearly feel, and if you all think smoking/growing/eating/sharing/buying/selling our beloved herb is so wrong, well, maybe some of you should rethink your priorities? Look up "projecting" in psychology. Seems like a lot of you have some unresolved issues about how you really feel about your own use.
    Stop the hating and stop feeling guilty and bad for what we do. We have enough people in society who hate us and want us locked up, don't buy into their superior ideology, either.
  17. Go look around for some money, go find another dealer and just get a dime for the day.
  18. I'm gonna start making sure I pick up more, before I run out of what I have. I've just been smoking progressively more over the last few months. If I keep this up, I will go broke. I'm spending $400 a month on shit that should be damn near free. This is why I want to grow my own shit. So I have money.
  19. Wait till I can get more?

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