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How to cope with being out of bud?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by fitftw, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. Single malt scotch.
  2. I too drink alcohol in place of smoking weed sometimes, if I wanna save my weed or I don't have any. but I wouldn't recommend this to OP, as he seems to have somewhat of an addictive personality. I'd rather him be ~addicted~ to marijuana than replace this alleged addiction with another, much more serious one.
  3. [quote name='"glazedKnuckles"']


    Naw, its just that there are times where its late at night, you don't feel like hanging out, and you wanna feel a little funny.[/quote]

    no. it's you want to feel a little Phuncky.
  4. hey, running out for some time happens. i usually go for some exercise or organize my room or car whenever i'm dry. it's all about keeping yourself busy. weed isn't powerful enough to conflict with everyday life when you can't smoke.
  5. Needa do something with your life man since it obviously revolves around weed. Take a look at your priorities.
  6. *face palm* Develop. A. Life.
  7. Okay, how about all of you just stop smoking weed then?
  8. I for one haven't smoked in two weeks (probation) it really isn't that hard just do other things that give that same feeling of joy/peace that bud gives you.

    For me music is something I always listen to when I feel bad or..I need to go into my head for a little break from reality if that makes sense.


    You have a tight avatar, I love poi
  9. #69 fitftw, Mar 24, 2012
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 24, 2012
    Over the years I've lost almost all lust for life. I have no need to go outside at night whatsoever. I don't give a shit about doing ANYTHING with other people anymore. I just want my videogames, my car, and weed. That's all I give a shit about.

    If you have a problem with that, fuck off and enjoy your life. Don't tell me how to live. I'm just venting how much it sucks to be out of weed. My guy dicked me over all fucking day. Finally will be picking up 1/4 in an hour. Finally. God damn. Of course when I go pick it up I'll pretend to act like I'm absolutely 100% just fine, when in reality I'm going insane.

    I should be moving into a house in a year or two, at which point you bet your fucking ass I'll be growing several plants and the law can suck my fucking dick.
  10. I'm like this with coffee, if I don't have it in the morning I go through a mental breakdown. I may have ocd though.
  11. [quote name='"fitftw"']That's every night for me. I don't have friends, I'm pretty agoraphobic actually, people freak me out, life freaks me out, everything is batshit weird to me. I need weed to handle this life.

    Why's it a bad thing to be addicted mentally to weed? Seriously? The shit grows in nature like a vegetable. What's the problem?

    If someone's addicted to eggplant and bitches when they have no eggplant, do you tell them there's a life outside eggplant? No, you don't give a fuck because it's food. Well, weed is no fucking different than food. It sustains my sanity, or whatever's left of it.

    Hopefully my guy picks up today. If not, I have to get the same bullshit I got last time from my backup guy. Shit was dry as fuck after the first time I opened the bag.[/quote]

    Haha brilliant post
  12. Hey guess what guys? I fucking got some! /thread
  13. grats :hello:

  14. Well for one, it isnt crack ahaha. However, i am a daily user, my main dealer who gave me cost price grams left for country trip. The 7 days i didnt smoke because id either have to pay normal price again (ended up doing it anyway) or not smoke. I didnt smoke for the week and it wasnt hard, i just figured, whatever ill pick up normal prices again thats the way it was anyway and smoke in a few days. No mental battle because i KNEW id get my weed eventually. Its never gone, you will always be able to source it, so if your dry for a day who cares, wait one more, and you will realise, you were whining spilt milk.
  15. It's just different depending on your personality. That's the bottom line. Some people can't handle being without the thing they rely on. Have you ever been in a shitty relationship or bad breakup?
  16. U need to look into growing. I havent ran out of weed in over 4 years. Not one dry day
  17. sorry to break it you but 1-2 days ain't shit. I haven't smoked in over a month and that's still nothing compared to the people who are on probation and get DT'd regularly. I'm also a pretty big pothead and I love cannabis, and after a month it's still on my mind almost all the time :(
  18. OP, I get what your goin through and being dry sucks.. But seriously, why all the hate for people telling you to suck it up.

    I have a friend that hates life until he smokes, so I can kind of see what your going through, but quit being such a dick to people who criticize you. You created the thread and bitched about being dry for what, like 2-3 days?

    Get over yourself man. You give people who smoke pot a bad name when you feign like you do.
  19. Why is it so terrible to be dependent on weed? Why does that give people who smoke weed a bad name? Everyone is dependent on something and SOMEONE GIVES EVERYTHING IN THIS WORLD A BAD NAME SOMEWHERE.

    Sorry that I fucking love weed more than you and hate life when I have no bud. Sorry that ruins your fucking life bro.

    Just woke up, it's 8:40am and I'm already fed up with the world. Guess it's time for a wake and bake.
  20. To be honest, if people were treating me the same way they are treating you, I'd probably be just as defensive. Sometimes it's hard to put yourself into another person's shoes.

    I have an addictive personality so if I were out of weed I'd probably turn to something else. Like World of Warcraft. :)

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