how to convince your wife to smoke?

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  1. I would like to convince my wife to try cannabis just once. She’s a light social smoker and drinker, but has never done any other kind of psychoactive drug. Moreover, she is from a country with a very strict anti-drug culture, so she’s not familiar with the way Americans are typically dismissive about weed smoking.

    I, on the other hand, was a steady smoker for about 5 years. I am on an extended break at the moment, but am itching to start again. My wife knows that I used to be a toker, and doesn’t have a problem with it. However, she is against me starting again.

    This is something I want to share with her. I feel like it would bring us closer and also be a lot of fun.

    I brought a tiny amount home, less than a nickel’s worth. But she freaked out when I showed it to her, and made me flush it. Anything I said to try to convince her was said to be ‘pressure.’ I don’t want to pressure her, but I also really want her to just try it.

    The thing is I hate lying to her, so I’m certainly not going to smoke behind her back. Have any of you managed to change someone’s mind?
  2. I would recommend first talking to her. Why does she hate weed so much? Besides it being illegal, are there any good reasons? Talk to her about it and compare it with alcohol, which is legal, but can be potentially much more dangerous.

    Then just ask her to try it out. She doesn't really know if she hates it if she's never done it before. There's no real risk to trying it.

    If she's still against weed, then at least by this point she understands it a bit more. Hopefully she'll let you smoke occasionally on the weekends or when she's not around.
  3. I'd just dump it in some chilli and feed it to her..... j/k
  4. she doesn't hate weed, she just can't get over the fact that it's illegal.

    she is afraid that she will lose her job if she tests positive.

    also, she feels that if weed brings us closer, it's 'not real.'
  5. I think you're going to have to accept that she won't smoke and that she'll not want you smoking either.

    The only thing I can suggest is to work hard to get the marijuana laws changed (that'll at least keep you in the loop and give you a reason to go to the hempfests etc) and take a trip to Amsterdam as often as you can

    GL man. If she's "the one" then your marriage is more important than smoking weed
  6. if it's because of her culture, i totally understand. not everyone can be as open minded.
  7. Give her time.
    My boyfriend will introduce ideas to me that I will outright reject, only to learn later that they're actually not so bad.
    Go online and find some links to show her how its okay and how she wouldn't get fired for smoking once (especially if her work doesn't test all the time) and how its increadibly easy to flush your system.
    She has legitimate worries, and you can try and give her the keys, but only she can really go through the door.
  8. yeah all of you are right.

    i don't want to pressure her and can't change her mind instantly.

    of course she is 'the one,' else why would i have married her?

    my marriage is more important than anything else. i'm certainly not going to risk it to get high.

    we just had a big fight last night, and it's only made me realize that nothing is worth losing someone you love.
  9. Show her the alcohol/tobacco:marijuana death ratio.
  10. haha you brought a nickel and she tripped
  11. Tell her sex is better. That should do the trick.
  12. look man if you really do love her and she's really that opposed, its not worth it. just don't smoke, and thats the only real thing that i see working 100%. try and coax her a little more and it might just piss her off really badly.
  13. You cant really convince someone its always up to them but just ask her when your smoking pass her it and say "Toke?" Exhale.
  14. Show her grasscity

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