how to convince parents to let me get my ear peirced?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by sgarc3, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. heres the deal my moms on board for me getting them peirced but my stepdad thinks that only lowlifes and punks get peircings. hes an intelligent person so what can i say to get him to change his mind? thanks in advanced.
  2. Male or Female?

    If your male, you need two diamond stud piercings, anything else will look absoultly gay.
  3. male and i plan to eventually get plugs
  4. Are you fucking with us OP? 18 and can't get your EARS pierced because of your STEPdad? Fuck em and get them any way.

    And lol @ that other dude.
    >tells you how to not look gay
    >get two diamond studs

  5. tell him that he is not ur father and he can go bother his own child. Then go get ur ears, eyebrow, tong and nose pierced
  6. kill your stepdad.
  7. If your 18 do what you want. If not...well you shouldnt be here anyway.
  8. at first i was like.. why??
    then i noticed you were from corona. gotta fit in, right? ;)
  9. just get them and come home. if your stepdad really doesnt want you to have them then he'll make you take them out.

  10. This is really the only logical and most practical thing to do in this situation.
  11. dude... if your 18 why are your parents stopping you?
  12. Then who's going to pay for his room and board, education, and whatever else he's footing the bill for?
  13. tell them its your body and at least your not getting a prince albert or w/e that penis piercing is called
  14. tell him the earings are pussy magnets. he'll appreciate that
  15. Jesus... Or a job, whichever comes first.

    You should probably just listen to him until you get out on your own. I had my ear pierced once upon a time, it gets old quick

  16. Ya don't get anything else cus that's just gay. You should get diamond studs like all the other douchebags
  17. Remind him what year it is.

  18. At least they don't see that on a job interview, unless of course it's for porno film acting or nude modeling. :D

    Seriously, the old man is just trying to stop him from making a decision that can't be undone later.

    I had a friend who had his ears pierced long ago, stopped wearing the earrings in his teens, and was very embarrassed when somebody noticed the holes some 15 years later at his Wall Street job.

    It's not that big a deal, but I'd say don't do it - unless you already have a promising career as a rock musician, or something like that.
  19. Listen to your parent's.The fuck you are not to listen to their word?

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