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How to convince my parents to let me smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AlexLovesMayday, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. Okay, you are probably thinking this. Their house, their rules. I respect my parents a ton, but I don't respect their perspective. I have gotten caught twice. I'm very open about the use of it with them. My dad used to do it. He even did it over the summer and let me do it. Now he is being a huge hypocrite. He yells at me too much. He's just mean. He turns everything into a religious arguement. Surprisingly, my grades in school have increased so much since I started smoking. He says it messes with my emotions because I almost cry everytime he yells at me. He says it's illegal because it's bad and messes you up. I'm not harming anyone, I use it maybe once, twice a week. It's only on the weekends. I just listen to good music and play video games or guitar with friends. I just want to live my life, but he has to control every aspect of it. He gives me freedom, yes. He thinks it is messing me up because I hardly talk to him. If he didn't yell at me all the time, maybe our father, son relationship wouldn't be so bad. Marijuana helps me relax. I swear he makes me so depressed. I just need some advice on how to repair this relationship with him and to find a way to convince him to let me smoke. Any advice is welcomed :)
  2. it seems like they are adamant about it and won't take kindly to a "sit down"; so yea, i'd respect their opinion. i'd do it anyway, but just be better at hiding it :bongin: :bongin: good luck
  3. You could try baking them their favorite snack, like banana nut bread or something and give them a small amount of bud, just enough to get a nice buzz going for a few hours, and THEN sitting down with them and talk about it
  4. from the sound of his situation; that could very likely backfire, and be much worse than him hiding it but still getting caught.
    but hey, you don't know until you try
  5. Parents will be parents and sometimes you just have to deal with that while your in their house. It may seem hypocritical that your dad has smoked and doesn't want you to, but generally people don't worry as much about themselves as they do their children he really does think that's what's best for you. I had tons of problems with my parents as far as fighting etc while I was growing up but as soon as I moved out that completely changed. That hard ass who's always yelling at you now could become your best friend years from now, it happened to me.

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  6. If they don't want you to smoke in their house then don't smoke in their house. I don't understand how people think there is some sort of compromise or 'lack of understanding'. Fact of the matter is if you aren't capable, or too young, to move out and live on your own then you aren't in as much control as you think you are.

    Respect isn't agreeing with your parents or trying to reason with them, it's acknowledging the fact you have, for the most part, been living a privileged life. Do you pay rent or taxes on that house? pay any utilities for everything you use? Do you buy your parents groceries? When adults compromise it's typically because each person has something to contribute; what are you bringing to the table to persuade him to let you smoke?

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  7. That's the thing. He's done smoking. I don't know any type of punishment he'd give me. I'm just terrifyed of my dad. It shouldn't be like this. I'm the kid that gets good grades, does my chores, then proceeds on with my life, but he has to control that life. I'm thinking about making a long Power Point. Proving all the bad myths wrong. Putting the bible verses in where they used it and said every herb was here for our use. I'll show the increase in legalization. He also tries to drug test me.
  8. Let me add, I don't smoke in their house. It's at a friend's house. My best friend of almost four years.
  9. I don't think you can convince your father. Eventually, soon enough, you will be old enough where he won't really have much say in the matter. Until then, hide it I guess.
  10. My parents were against pot for religious reasons as well, and if your parents are as steadfast in their religion as mine, I can tell you this is a fight you won't win. I always just kept smoking - how were they gonna stop me. You would probably be better off quitting for a while and regaining their trust. Then you can start again and do everything in your power to keep them from finding out.
  11. if your not old enough to make your own decisions in life and will get in trouble for smoking weed, then dont post here and stop smoking weed. jesus crist.... if u really wana grow a pair just tell her straight up that u smoke weed. most parents dont care that their kids smoke weed because they know... its just weed... i know my parents rather me blaze than drink n party n shit, and even smoked weed with my mom every night before go to bed... brought us closer together and made our relationship so much more honest. my mom went from being someone who im always fighting with and getting bitched at to being like my best friend that i could tell anything too just from smoking a doobie every night before bed.  but yea best bet is either stop smoking untill u grow a pair or just man up and be honest and tell ur mom u smoke weed, most parents will be happy that ur atleast being honest with them and then it saves you alot of stress to by not having to sneak around and always wondering if she knows ur stoned. most parents just want to know whats happening in their kids life and the kids never want to tell them because they think they will get in trouble, but if ur straight up it will help ur relationship so much more and then they will give you more slack because they dont always have to be wondering what your doing. like with my parents i was straight up with them n told them i smoke weed and that i like to drink and party, when i started doing something to make money i told them what i was doing and why i was gone for most the day. they tell me its my life just be safe and be smart. and if im not gonna be comming home one night it takes 2 seconds to throw them a txt msg saying hey mom / dad im not gonna make it home tonight im gonna be stayin at so n so's house or be like yea i ill be commin home but not for a couple hours just so they dont stay up worrying n shit. i see so many kids just not tell their parents whats up and then listen to them bitch like "omg wtf why does my mom keep calling me like fuck off i dont wana talk to her" well she wouldnt be calling you if u took 20 seconds to txt her and be like ill be home later im all good or ill see u tmrw im stayin at a friends. it solves so much of the pointless drama and fights with ur parents once u open up and let them know whats goin on. and then they will trust you aswell and get off your back about everything.

    thats just my own personal experience. but do what you wana do im just saying part up and be honest ur parents will be thankful that ur telling them whats goin on in ur life. also helps you by not stressing out about ur parents and saves alot of arguements over stupid shit that could of be avoided if u take my advise.

    anywho goodluck i hope u man up and save the stress for you and ur parents.
  12. Well when I am off out of the house, I do tell them what I'm up to. They know I smoke, but they told me not to. I just want to have their permission so their not mad at me for doing it.
  13. Nevermind your parents, how bout focusing on getting society to let you smoke.
  14.             Please read entire post "Alex"
    -Some parents are understanding, and some have been brainwashed by society. My parents are Ying and Yang about the situation.
    -My mom knew i smoked just never caught me in the act. She didn't really like it until she ripped her bicep from her arm and found out she couldn't work out anymore ( shes really fit and healthy), anyways she was depressed and told me to roll her a joint. So i let her smoke it and shes cool with it now even though she it was only a one time thing for her. I smoke in my room and watch tv almost every night before i go to sleep.  Me and my mom are best friends and i can tell her anything, im 19 living in my parents house but she treats me as a friend and lets me make my own decisions. She gives me advice on what to do but in the end its up to me. ( I would also like to state im not a leech off my parents, i go to college and have a 30hr a week job. I pay for my weed, and other expenses. )
    -My dad on the other hand doesn't know I smoke and honestly it would probably result in a fist fight. Nothing i do for my dad is right. I go to school from 7-10am two hour break then 12-230pm then i work after school most days. So durring my two hour break i take a nap most of the time if i dont have anything to do. One day he comes home and wakes me up by cussing me out. Telling me im not worth shit, im a lazy fuck, and all this other bullshit. Its constantly like this. Always getting yelled or ridiculed at. I do not expect him to EVER see smoking as something i can do in his eyes. He is a hard headed, simple minded, and yet i say emotionless (because he owns a funeral home and deals with death every day) excuse of a father. Now, this is my personal opinion on my father just because im a piece of shit in his eyes. Kinda off topic. But when he does have his episodes of cussing me out, i dont react violently or fuss back, i just simply give him a blank expression or even smile and just say okay calmly to eveything he has to say. It makes him more angry, but honestly i dont care. 
    BACK ON TOPIC... Anyways man, i could have summed this up a lot quicker but ive taken one too many ADD pills tonight and im rambling. THE MAIN POINT IM TRYING TO CONVEY: 
    -Some parents will be understanding if you just have a talk with them about it assuming your old enough to make your own decisions. They are your parents and have seen a lot more then you have. You are just now starting to smoke from what it seems, and by that i mean within the past year if im correct? Im not saying you don't know what your doing, but you have to make sure you keep your priorities right. If you have 100 dollars, dont smoke spend it all on weed, save some. Moderation truly is the key, untill you are finically or mentally capable of smoking all you want without it affecting your life. But from what i have read you are an occasional smoker. 
    Adults are just like kids, they get in a clique and thats the person they are, they have people they dont like, and people they try to impress. And bearing a child and raising it to something worth being proud of is what most parents want. And in my situation, its a social thing for my dad more than anything. None of his friends smoke or do drugs, its just the type of people he associates with. So when his supposedly "star" child is caught smoking and it gets out to his friends it makes him look bad... Do you get where im going with this. He has never tried it, and is so closed minded that you could put all the facts in his face and he still thinks its bad because the government says its illegal. 
    Im sure when we get older and have our own children the decisions our parents made for us will have helped you in the long run. 
    Just sneak around man and when you're old enough you wont have to worry about what your parents have to say. 
  15. Seriously, start boxing up your shit and move out, work and go to school and get a place with a girlfriend or roommate.
    really, you want their love and respect, then get the fuck out. It will be good for you and they will love it.
    I kicked my daughter out and life is wonderful at home now. the old woman and I DO run around naked. :D

  16. Thank you for all the replies! I'll try to inform him that I'm doing nothing wrong. He smoked for.over half his life. I just need to get an understanding and try to view his side on it.
  17. And don't worry. I do it in moderation, I can't be stupid with it. I have to focus on, but I'll tell yo
  18. You that doing your homework high is so fun.
  19. Your old man's a hypocrite. Make sure to remind him of that.
    If you wanna keep blazing you might have to move out and if your Dad still complains after that, tell him to deal with it :smoking:
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    just stop smoking in their house bro. Arguing to them about this is only going to make them frustrated that you don't get it. Just walk out the front door and smoke off of their property if you have to and then be honest about it. Thats all you can do.
    My mom let's me smoke outside the house But we only agreed on this after about 3 years of fighting and arguing and getting busted almost every day for it so just ask yourself is that worth it? or do you want a kinder relationship with your parents, in which case just chill out and follow their rules until you can make your own decisions.

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