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How to convince my parents to let me smoke

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CasualSmoker024, Oct 2, 2013.

  1. So, I'm 18 and my parents recently busted me for smoking. It's happened many times, but this time they decided it's been enough and now I need to stop. They want to start drug testing me at random to make sure I stay clean. The rule used to be that it's OK as long as it's not at home and it's during the weekend, and I respected the not at home part for the most part, but it's happened a bit more frequently than just on weekends. But now they've decided I shouldn't be smoking at all. Being that I live at home and am the youngest in my family, the whole I'm 18 and should be able to decide on my own thing doesn't seem to be working. How do I convince them that I should be allowed to continue? I don't want to push it too much, as that would give off the vibe that I'm smoking frequently, and that's not something I want them to know. What's the best way to go about this? I'm considering a powerpoint showing the pros and the cons, then giving my opinion on why the pros outweigh the cons. Does this sound like a solid plan? Any other good ways to go about it? There is always the option of cheating the drug tests, but I'd rather not disrespect my parents like that, and I'm sure they'd be happy if my drug tests are clean, and they'd probably praise me, and I'd have to lie straight to their faces and accept the praise when I know that I'm not actually clean. Any suggestions guys?

  2. Fake urine, vitamin B-complex, or heavy dilution will help.  Have a high day.
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    Be more proactive about your life and show direction towards something other than just getting high (even though we all know it's deeper than that, they're parents). If you don't work, get a job. If you have a job, consider talking to a close friend about the possibility of moving out. You can't fault your parents for doing what they think is best for you, but you do not have to stay locked inside the madhouse being treated like a common criminal. That's an unhealthy thing to do- to kind of regulate your son at 18 in a manner like a child for a personal choice. There are much worse things you could be doing; half this generation's addicted to fucking pills lol. I don't know if there's any true quick fix to this, but I would say really consider moving out to gain that freedom to do as you please. There's a reason why trying to assert your dominance doesn't work even at 18: if you still live under your parents roof, that 1 in "18" might as well not exist. And to be fair, if they are keeping a roof over your head and only really faulting you for this one thing, it's hard to paint them as oppressive. Just a shitty situation.
  4. so stop for a while, get a job, move out and don't have this problem anymore. very few parents would be swayed by ANY argument, to give their kid permission to smoke weed.
  5. Thing is, I have managed to convince them a few times. They've been aware that I smoke for close to a year now and it's come up in conversation and it's never really been in a negative way. Only time they've ever really been upset at all is when it's been during the week, or in their home. But I agree it is a difficult task. The idea of cheating on the drug tests appeals to me, but it wouldn't really feel right. I could always just obey them and be clean for a while, but I enjoy smoking, I meet tons of new people through it, I've become a lot more mellow since I started smoking, but also a lot more social, and I just fucking love being high.
  6. Tell your parents to be parents and educate themselves on marijuana. If they still refuse to listen, just smoke it anyway. I would. My mouth says "ok mom and dad" but the testing says I want to, and I'm going to smoke weed.
      Do this after you attempt your power point plan. Hopefully it will be a good discussion. Personally, I would be insulted if my parents tried to test me as an adult. Do your parents smoke or drink or use prescription drugs like popcorn? Good luck to you!
    P.S. if you need some ammo, consult granny storm crow's list.
  7. Show them that your still moving forward in life. Work, school, productive hobby, and help around the house. Talk to them about your future and make it happen.

    Then when the discussion about smoking comes up, your set. Parents (generally) want the best for their children and your under their roof. So show them they have nothing to complain about and keep your smoking habits out of sight (don't leave a massive bong on the table, keep weed away, hide smells, don't bother them high, etc.)

    My parents know I smoke, but I'm working, start school in January, and keep it out of the house (aside from the vaporizer, but that's not used much anymore). As long as I keep it away from them, no worries.

    Good luck bro, I'm 19 so I know the feeling.

  8. Maybe you should just stop till you move out. I know if my parents told me to stop and got really upset I probably would. But if you can convince them tell them to watch the union and/or PowerPoint
  9. Just say "hey you guys want to watch this documentary about ropes?"
    Then pop in the union and you got yourself a audience.

    Side note: it helps to duck tape your parents down for this
  10. Look its their house, their rules if you don't like it move out. I wasn't able to have an honest conversation with my dad about my weed smoking until i found a job went to school and began the process of moving out. Right now they most likely see you as there 18 year old kid who isn't doing really anything productive ( unless you are in school, have a job ect, then I apologize.) But still the way i see it the more you try and convince them the harder its going to become. Honestly putting together a power point never helps it just shows you have way to much time on your hands. 
    If you really want to convince them get a job, go to college, Volunteer( actually this works if you go out and help others they may be more receptive to you smoking weed, may even adopt an out of site out of mind policy like my parents have.
  11. What can Vitamin B-complex do in this situation? I take them but just wanted to know their purpose when it comes to this.
  12. Smoke and dont tell them??.. isnt that what most kids do.. and if youre really 18 and you let them make you piss in that cup then I have no respect for you lol.
  13. Just to give coloration, so the parents aren't as likely to suspect dilution.
  14. ^ THIS!
  15. Just keep smoking despite the drug tests..They'll soon get tired of it and realize you're going to smoke weed either way and stop hassling you about it.. Trust me it works.

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