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How to convince my parents to let me smoke weed at the housee??

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by jakepounder, Nov 26, 2013.

  1. hey guys! kinda new here but it seems like a pretty sick little community!
    so heres the deal, a few months back i found a very dirty pipe in my garage, i confronted my mom about it and she said, yeah i got it for my back pain (had major back surgery), but it was only a one time thing because she said it didn't help. which i knew was total bs because it was really dirty and who has a license and doesnt use it? (i live in socal btw) :p and little more info, both my parents were smokers in their younger days and it "was the hardest thing to give up" when they had kids. so i just let it go.
    But a few months before i found the pipe i was caught high and just fessed up to it and got the disappointed speech by them...i didnt completely stop smoking but i did lighten up.
    but last week i found a bubbler in my garage. it was really dirty too, lol guess my parents arent good with cleaning their pieces x). soo i brought it up again, and my mom laughed, and i said yeah i know when dad is high now and we had an entertaining convo about now i know that both my parents smoke, and they know that  i know about it. I wanna tell them i do so i can stop having to worry about hiding it. and i bought this really cool bubbler and i cant wait to smoke it *drool*. They don't know officialy that i smoke yet. so alot of ppl say that im in there. but..i dont know how to start a convo about that, or what to say. any ideas would be appreciated! thanks guys..
 grades are good, and i have a job soo there is more incentive..and no theyre not stereotypical stoners, they both have very good jobs and work full time, just thought id throw that in..

  2. And how old are you?
  3. Right, how old are you? The main factor in this situation.
  4. 18..senior in high school.
    It's just that since im still living with them I kinda have to respect their wishes
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    Srry for late computers didn't update it. 
    But in my house, it isnt the fact that im 18, its the fact that i am still living under their roof. 
  6. Convince them it will not affect your life or routine. They sound like they're understanding people.

    You go "Hey mom I want to talk to you about something..."
  7. should i just straight up say it or feed around the bush? 
  8. I'm sure they'll be pretty understanding of the whole idea, I doubt they would smoke and expect you not too. I'd just explain that cannabis has no negative impact on your life, your well aware of the 'negative effects'  :laughing: . Your grades are good, and you feel like your man enough to take on the "beast." Explain how long you've smoke recreationally for too, then they can kinda grasp how much expeirience you have.
  9. start paying rent would help a lot.
  10. Yeah just straight up bro. I was in the exact situation a few years ago. The worst that could happen is they say no and you have inconveniently step outside.
  11. The only logical thing you could pull out of your ass and say to them is it's safer for you to smoke there, at least if your there they know you are out of trouble and won't get busted. 

    Their house, their rules, and they probably don't want illegal substances in their home. 
  12. Just be like, "hey dad wanna smoke this bomb ass weed I got with my new bubbler?" Or something like that. If they say no you can start a convo about why not and go from there. If the answer is yes then have fun lol

    Sent from....... wouldn't you like to know. Probably your mamas house.

    but if theyre already smoking it, chances are that its somewhere in the house..
    lmao thats  a pretty damn good idea bro x)
  14. yeah thats true, thanks man. what happened when you said it?
  15. Sort of the same concept as alcohol for me. She told me if I start smoking my life away we would have problems. She understood kids will smoke weed and virtually every teenager tries it once. It was great smokin in my room and it helped tremendously throughout high school. Now I'm 22 with my own place and I don't need to worry about that shit :D
  16. Oh great, "that guy"
    Has 80 posts, and already feels inclined to police the city for underagers.
    And honestly, I don't think you have anything to worry about dude, your parents seem okay with it. Just try to project its use in a responsible light whenever possible around them and be open with them as well.
  17. You seem to be in a pretty good situation. As long as you demonstrate that weed is not affecting your performance negatively in school  and in life generally they'll probably be alright with it.
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    You would be better off just not telling them. If your parents trust you then it shouldn't be hard to sneak it. My opinion on parents: the less they know, the better.

    I missed the part where you said they smoke. In that case, they probably won't have a problem with you smoking.
  19. Well don't you reek of arrogance? Note, I'm not the only one to ask and yeah it makes a difference in the situation if he is 12 or 18. Obviously it's more acceptable for an 18 year old to approach their parents than a 12 year old. Maybe you should think and read shit before you try to sound cool for everyone.
  20. #20 AlpacaBowl_, Nov 26, 2013
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    I don't care if you're the only one. I'm tired of every time there is a thread like this some asshole just HAS to say 'oh hurr durr ya bettur be 18 ta bee on heer son!"  without even attempting  to offer help to the OP. Like really? You figured you'd come into this thread, read the whole thing, and just make sure they are of age instead of helping out which is what the forum is for. How's that for arrogant?
    Aaaand this is when i unsubscribe from this thread.

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