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How to convince 45 mom toget MMJ Card ?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by burped, May 10, 2011.

  1. Hi, Let me introduce my self first,
    I have a mom who has never even seen 'drugs' /as she calls it/ before. And by her book all drugs are just as harmful.
    Now since Prop Two Oh Three was passed in AZ novemeber, I"ve been slowly convivcing her it's less dangerous than what she thinks. She voted No on the poll, but her and her boyfriend talked about it a couple times. She knows I smoke, and knows my sister used to. But my sister really put a bad impression on weed, she had a really bad trip on some shit, and like had a heart attack/not really but was actiing like it/ and the abulance came. Another time, she nearly over dosed on some exctacy shi, and was at the hospital over night. So she already has a bad impression on it.
    Now be in mind, I'm not doing this for she can hook me up wiht the highest grade of medical shit, She has been under a TON TON TON of stress lately, with work , and really needs relief.
    Where should I start ? Where should I go ? Where should I end? Where should I pop the suggestion?
  2. Tips accepted as well
  3. Don't bother, you're just wasting your time...As are most people that are trying to convince other people.

  4. right. if she wants it she'll get it. perhaps provide her with some links to where she can get info though.

    also, mom age
  5. pics or gtfo
  6. Being Direct Is Key
    I always Say.
  7. And while this usually works...When it comes to drugs it doesn't work so well.
  8. I can't believe he really posted a pic..anyways, does her boyfriend work at a restaurant by any chance
  9. Bahahahahaha, you actually posted pics... Was she born with those glasses on?
  10. this thread turned out better then expected. anyway man good luck
  11. Did... he really.... pictures?

  12. mann I was gonna post some immature shit, but this guys mom deserves mmj! try to get her to watch The union, and see if that changes her views at all..
  13. If your sister called the ambulance because or weed, you have no chance.
  14. Her boyfriend looks like El Hefe form NOFX! I was judging from the first picture by the way...
  15. Did you really just post pictures lol
  16. Tell you're sister to stop being a tard, first off.
    And second off, what the fuck does she need it for? If she doesn't have an illness and you just want her to smoke then you should prolly gtfo
  17. She has chronic back pain, and I know by her records can easilt get one, I want her to feel the magic, and my sister was doing cocaine with weed
  18. Don't give her drugs just for stress.. She is 45 years old she should know how to handle it. Get her some yoga classes.
  19. My opinion is their are so man documentaries on netflix and even tv about weed. Maybe slip a episode on your tv (most nice ones have usb ports or you can secretly have it going on a dvd/xbox) she might just watch it and most reference the medical marijuana world the most due to illicit programmings not acceptable. Just talk to her in a short summarized version of the film and don't be aggressive and be like "just think about it" all relax and walk away.
  20. It's hard enough to convince 1 mom to get a MMJ card. You want us to do 45?:smoke::smoke:

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