How to control heat and humidity?

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  1. Well, I'm considering it fellows. Yes, that's right.

    I've researched many days and hours already, reading and re-reading information, absorbing as much as I can.

    I plan to start some seeds eventually and grow them up. I've read a lot about ventilation and lighting, weighing the pros and cons between each possibility.

    But to my main point, heat and humidity. With a grow box type situation, with an inline fan and what not, I will probably try my hand at growing two-three plants with four-six CFL lights (varying in vegetation and flowering stage) however, to my main main point...

    Now, depending on the heat produced by lighting, and the heat/cold of the the room outside of the box, how would I raise the temperature if too cold an environment, or lower it if too hot an environment, and accurately determine the temperature inside the box?

    Also, too humid an environment leaves it open to mold and fungi development. How do I lower or raise the humidity?

    I understand that in the cycles of development, the plants require varying heat, so basically I'm curious as to how I can turn my "grow box" into an "Eco box"
  2. Many of us are using a PC grow box or some other stealthy option. CFLs dont make much heat so thats good. Having proper intake and exhaust fans are a major key to controlling the environment. If the humidity gets high, run a dehimidifier in the room. If you cant get enough heat, a space heater works wonders. I use a smal space heater that I have on a timer. It shuts off overnight for about 6 hours and the grow box gets down into the low 60's which is just like a late summer/fall evening. Then, during the day, it stays about 72 degrees in the PC towers. Thats ideal, IMO. My RH is around 38%-40% which is also ideal.

    Its not as hard as you might think.
  3. What wattage CFLs you planning on? Talking about number of bulbs is meaningless.

    Controlling temps and humidity are pretty straightforward and are solved in any number of ways -- basically if the box is too hot you need to add cooler air and if it's too cold you need to add warmer air. Any of the basic ways to do this generally will work so air conditioner, space heater, etc. Humidity again, if it's too low you need to add moisture, which could be as simple as putting an open pan of water in the grow space, and if humidity is too high you need a way to dry it out, such as providing lower humidity air in the first place or using a desiccant like Damp Rid.

  4. A fan controller will let you turn your fan up or down, dialing in your temps. Lux WIN100 Heating & Cooling Programmable Outlet Thermostat: Home Improvement <these are useful, turns your vent fan on and off keeping an exact temp. Odor can leak out though, since it turns your vent fan off.

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