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how to control dosage

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ziltoidx, Feb 19, 2009.

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    if i have marijuana that is 25% THC, is it possible to get the same effects with it as smoking 5% THC marijuana? i know someone would just smoke less, but what if just 1 puff if making me too high? can the amount of time u hold it in change the effect? also, i can't smoke all the time so developing a tolerance is an impossibility. please, any advice is appreciated.
  2. youre overthinking it entirely. take one good hit from glass if you can and hold it for as long as you can. wait ten minutes and see how you feel.:rolleyes:
  3. bingo.
    but of course, this would be hard to get accurate. no one says it takes every pair of lungs exactly 7 seconds to absorb all thc in smoke. if someones lungs were saturated already (im not sure why they would be but im guessing its possible lol) then they would probably take longer to absorb the thc. but. if your body absorbs it faster than average, holding 5secs may be all you need.

    i would try a hit at about 3 seconds. if its not good enuf, do 4-5 secs next.

    if that still doesnt work, change the way you smoke.

    btw, how do you typically smoke? joints, blunts, bowls, bongs. vape?

    joints/blunts: less high then bowls (barely less sufficient)
    bowls: more sufficient but same high
    bongs: much higher, let weed.
    vape: different kind of high i think.... idk how to explain it. (my vape is homemade, that might be why haha)

    thats just my personal experiences with pieces/papers.
  4. one hit from a glass pipe of this shit and holding it for about 5 seconds and it starts in about 1 minute, feels good for a few minutes, then feeling increases to uncomfortable level and stays that way for way too long. this is my problem.
  5. One hit!?!?! wow and dude just keep doing it. There is no uncomfortable high :smoke: you will build a tolerance
  6. take smaller hits hold in less long. This is tough for me too because I don't feel the high until like 10 minutes so I have to guess beforehand. People are like I am done man...I am like well I think I am not sure than I take a couple more hits and get blasted out my mind.
  7. sorry if i misunderstood but if your saying that you get to high from one hit i would call that a blessing haha
  8. i know someone with the exact same problem :rolleyes:

    only thing i'd suggest is get some mids or somethin and smoke a buncha that to try and build a tolerance up or at least get a comfortable high
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    holding it in longer or shorter doesnt really effect it much.

    if your smoking from a pipe, the thc will be absorbed in under 3 seconds. its a common misconception that if u hold it in for longer, u get higher.

    my advice, take small hits. the size of the hit will be the biggest factor in determining how high you get. if you go all out and take in a huge puff, your going to get more thc then just a quick snap. dont worry about how long to hold it in for. relax, inhale a little smoke, give it a second, and exhale.

    honestly, just pace yourself. ive never heard of anyone getting too high off one little hit, no matter how good the weed is.

    -also, make sure your smoking in a comfortable setting. ive noticed that smoking in "risky" situations often leads to a less enjoyable high.
  10. Hahaha, yes actually, it does. It's one of the most important factors. If you hold it in for about 5-6 seconds, you'll absorb about as much of the THC as you can. If you don't hold it for that long, the amount taken into your system will vary immensely.

    The rest of what you said was good though :)
  11. Don't quote me on numbers but I think it's 90% of THC is absorbed in under 1 second, I know the majority is under one second I'm just not sure how much. Don't hold it in, all you're getting is carcinogens.
  12. Using a pipe with a carp can regulate the density of THC laden smoke to pure air. If one hit straight up is too much, try opening the carb a bit till you get the right size for you.

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