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How To Contact Dd Without Having A Phone?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by EnjoiKush, May 23, 2013.

  1. So, my cell phone broke a few days ago, and I don't have my DD's number. I have him as a friend on fb, but that's sketchy and nobody really uses fb anymore. We don't follow eachother on twitter, cause he's kind of a douche and I don't really wanna talk to him aside from buying.

    How the fuck am I going to go about contacting this fucker.
  2. DD? Designated Driver?
  3. does the phone itself work?  if so go find a payphone (they still exist i promise).  if not, make sure to write that shit down somewhere next time.
    if he uses facebook, that shit will work.
    He doesn't use it. Neither do I. But no, my phone doesn't work... at all. It's in multiple pieces. And his number is a 305. That's all I know, which is long distance so a landline is out of the question.
  5. You see back in the days when cell phones weren't around, people would use these crazy things called "Payphones". They were everywhere. But seriously either find a payphone or go into a local business or something and ask to use their phone for a sec. It's crazy watching how some people panic if they don't have their cellphone. I'm not saying you are panicking, I'm just saying it is so interesting to watch. Like how when the power goes out and people are bored out of their skulls. But I digress.
    You must not read much.
  7. #7 Stormy Sea, May 24, 2013
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    Yeah, back when people actually had to memorize numbers.

    Now they don't, so this is a useless reply and doesn't help OP. You should tone down your cockiness a bit.

    @OP: Ask a friend who uses the same dealer, or just wait it out. Not much else you can do besides finding someone new if he's not the type of guy that hangs around town.
  8. Not always. But I was also high as fuck. 
  9. Understandable. Ahahah
  10. Please try to not talk about drug dealers and the black market on GC.

    Thank you.
    There is nothing against talking about drug dealers on GC... He's fine. We buy our drugs from drug dealers, some in MMJ states have dispensaries, but many still buy from dealers.
    Now DISCUSSING dealing or tactics is against the rules, or discussing trafficking drugs on the black market.
    Well there's the nice way of sayin what I was going to. lmao.
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    Never too late to see if you have telepathic skills.
  14. go to his house?  dont be sketched out about it but if he's cool with you coming by to pick up then go over there and say your phones broken but wanted something anyways.
    or if youre a puss then have one of your other homies pick up a bag for you with their connect.
  15. Use the plastic cup phone method:

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