How to conserve marjiuana

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  1. How to conserve Marijuana
    Step 1. stash Jars are great For preserving Weed If your poor And cannot afford weed Next time you have weed Store it for a rainy day when you run out of weed

    Step 2. Reduce Smoking It's not that hard :) I suggest Smoking 1 Bowl a day If you are low on marijuana Otherwise 2-4 Bowls a day won't hurt

    step 3. Get a reduced bowl Size Such as a small One hitter pipe Smaller bowl sizes means less marijuana Consumed

    Step 4. Go on a (T Break) Having a break from smoking Is Kinda hard if your a long time smoker But It is worth it To save weed while Taking a break I personally Did a 3-month Break and Had a little over a quarter pound of marijuana

    Last step 5. Or just forget what I said and Smoke Like Snoop Dogg
  2. My dealer said "Folks never want to pay for shit they already smoked!"
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  3. Vaping, anyone?

    For real though, vape the same amount you would smoke in a joint, bowl, or blunt and I almost guarantee you'll be having a more intense experience. With vaping, you get more from less.
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  4. Vaping is super conservative. I use the vaped weed for edibles. it's just as potent as fresh herb when you put it in butter afterwards.
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  5. I agree! Vaped can be great.
  6. Smoke by yourself. Only smoke once per day at most. Use a small glass chillum. Pack small bowls. Don't smoke in the wind. Buy in bulk to get a discount.
  7. Here is my step 6 to add to that list haha:

    I did something crazy last night. In the evening, mom asked me to get some herbs from the store. I was too lazy and found a website from where you could get herb seasonings online. I lied to her saying Tim Bortons had opened an outlet here in Toronto and delivers herbs and all sorts of spices with a simple mouse click. The best part is the owner of the place has a strikingly similar name and she actually bought it! :toke: They were reluctant to sell me the stuff because they were about to close so I ordered extra. Anyway, I gave her one and kept one for myself. At night, I rolled a joint and added their special chilly spices and took a hit.

    End result: Less marijuana & more spices stings a bit although satisfying. I still feel high.
  8. Use torch to heat glass rod to burn weed instead of butane lighters.
    Solar smoke.
    Stay busy.
    Smoke as a reward for getting shit done.

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