?how to connect light?

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  1. i recently went to lowes and purchased their 150 wt HPS security light. i was wondering how i should hook this up, it has 3 wires (black, green, white). All i know is that the green is the ground which goesto the fixture that mounts it tothewall.Does anyone what i'm supposed to hookit up to(it has a ballast built into it). The instructions say hook the white to the white and black to black, but i don't if i should splice a extension cord, and see if it has a black and white coated wire. please help thanks
  2. thats the same broblem i have but im goin to go to home depo and by a plug that shout do it atlest that is the answers i got
  3. I had a similar problem with a fluoro ballst. Because I'm in a different country we have different coloured wires.

    #Buy a piece of flex with a plug (like a cut-off powercord) and search the net for what colour the "active", "ground", and "Neutral" wires are (you know green already I guess - but check it).

    #Then, where the wires are supposed to be screwed in, check the symbols etched into the plastic or metal around them. They should look like an "A", "N", "E"or"G" (for Earth or Ground). OR like you said black to black, white to white etc.

    #Then just hook up the right colour wires to the right symbols!

    A three-pronged plug is what you need. !!You must ALWAYS earth (or ground) this kind of powercord!!

    !* Please check this info carefully, I could be wrong. If in serious doubt, just call an electrican for an over-the-phone answer (if he'll give you one) *!

    -Any corrections here welcome!
  4. i just cut it off a microwave and hucked it up then took the fan and used it as ventalation
  5. I tell you Id love to understand electricity better... so many things to know about... I kinda hope I get to come back again...only about 80 years ago. :)

    in the U.S. = black is hot. white is neutral. and green (or bare) copper is ground... like he said, dont bypass grounding, you may be sorry if you do.

    How much did a 150 from the depot run ya?

    check ya.
    take care.
  6. I ended up cutting an extension cord, and hooked up the wires, thanks for the help. The was like 84, but it ended up being almost 90 with tax. I cant wait, 2 blueberry, 2 dutch passion, and 1 mowy wowie(cant spell good). 1 blueberry, and 1 dutch already popped.

  7. you know, some guy promised me a few BB seeds, but he ended up being like the rest...greedy liar..lol

    let me know how that one turns out, Id love to see a picture of it if possible.

    thanks, take care.

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