How to connect cables to Sputnic Reflector ?

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  1. Hello ! I know that the question is a stupid one . Its not my first setup or my first grow but i did not grow for some years . How to explain myself correctly . My lightning setup is currently runnig , week 3 . The balast already burned 3 timers . When it comes the times to switch off the lamp and the timer just breaks . I did tried the timer before , they were fine , after connecting to ballast , not anymore . Well , THere is a difference how to connect the + AND - to the bulb on the reflector . The + has to be directly connected to the bulb input and the - to the outer side of the bulb ( i hope u can understand what i mean ) There were no sighns at least on my reflector which one is which one . I just connected the 0 / massa to the correct place on the reflector itself and then the + and - . one left and one right input of the reflector . I dont know if thats right or no . 
      Will it even switch on the lamp if it is connected wrong to the Reflector ? 
     I have a 250 W HID  , look fine , how could I know if the cables are connected properly ?
     Should I deattach all the reflector , open it , change the wires and try how it is behaving ?
     What are the risks of connecting not corretcly the cables to the reflector , does it mak such a huge difference ? 

  2. I am reffering to LA and LR . The problem is that the sockets of the lamp are not indicating where to connect each one . Its just 2 holes and thats it , i tried to look inside to see which one where it goes but without success . What should i do ? 

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  3. Is the problem that your timers are burning out?
  4. Timers are burning yes . I tried 2 diffrent cheap brands . I am not saying that is connected improperly to the socket but this is possible as well since i never knew which socket on the reflector which one it is . If sockets are wrong would it even switch on?
  5. The ballast coming on is blowing the timer, you can buy relatively cheap devices to control it, can't get brand name at min my lights are off
  6. I didnt had that problem last time . Whats eith my other question - Does it really matter to which socket of the lamps the wires are connected ? What gets me crazy is that i dont know if they r connected correctly 
    When u say devices do u mean like timers ?
  7. They are a socket to plug the timer in to control surge
  8. That can work . What about my second question ? What happens when we connect the phase not to the bulb socket but the casket socket ot the bulb ?

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