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How to combat the paranoia/anxiety?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by calories, Jan 21, 2010.

  1. So far every time I've smoked I have a terrible panic attack and it kills the high (at least for a while).

    I am not prone to anxiety/panic attacks when sober.

    What can I do to avoid these? I always smoke in a safe place and the fears are completely irrational.
  2. It's boring, plain and simple. You have to control it.

    Emotions can be very difficult to handle once you're high. Uncertainty make rational thinking very hard. If anxiety comes up, don't think about it telling yourself "control it, control it" I would rather recommend that you try and forget about it.

    Plain and simple. Put your mind in a different mood. Listen to real loud music, stare at a video. Anything that will stop the energy that is directed towards your anxiety and redirect it to enjoying whatever is grooving your senses at the moment.

    Hope it helps you out,

  3. Good advice
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    You just have to remember that it is ALL in your head! hink to yourself, I am in control, and no one can know that I am high unless I give them a reason to be suspicious. Dont waste your high be being paranoid.

    Look at the Guides for Apprentice Tokers sticky^^^

    What I do to prevent this, is before I start smoing, I just relax for a while, put on some good music, get some cold water(staying hydrated is key to health and while smoking especially!!) and prepeare for anything I might have to do afterwards.
  5. Keep on smokin. It goes away as your tolerance gets higher.

    I had to quit smokin for probation after smokin daily for YEARS. After a year and a half of not smokin, I started again. I got paranoid as FUCK the first couple times. I actually started buyin MIDS (rather than dank) because the mids wouldnt get me so STONED that I was paranoid. Eventually though I got used to get stoned again and I dont experience the paranoia at all.

    Once u start to smoke more u will see what I mean. :smoking:
  6. Not really true, maybe in some cases.

    Anxiety/panic attacks can be caused by marijuana, funny to see this thread as I was rushed to the ER last night by my overreacting girlfriend and mother. I have smoked weed every single day for a year and a half. I recently however started having panic attacks/anxiety. Last night bad enough where I passed myself out multiple times. At the ER they gave me a xanax and 20 minutes later I was calm as a cucumber.

    I know exactly what you are talking about, I am in the most chill environment. My apartment where I have no worries as the landlord doesn't care at all I could smoke a bong on the porch. My girlfriend of 1 year is with me watching TV playing games ect. things that make you happy. The anxiety is overwhelming, you might feel as if you were going to die or pass out. In which you will pass yourself out if you worry about it to much. I still don't know how to deal with it right now, I am prescribed xanax now but I do not want to take them I really really dislike pills, that is why I smoked pot, to help me sleep help with anxieties and depression and now that the cure to my problem is now the nightmare I have to try a different approach. Majority of it is in your own mind, thinking about it to much. I know it's hard you get those symptoms and feel horrible so you start to react to those and freak yourself out thinking that something is really wrong with you. In the end it's yourself, you'll have to either find a way to control it and coup while high or just stop smoking.

  7. Yeah u could be right. I was just posting my experience. I have never heard of anyoen having such extreme reactions to weed, but everyone is different.

    If I was u I would STOP smokin pot. :D
  8. I get anxiety somtimes when im baked and I find that thinking about other things dosent always work. I agree with previous posts that the best thing to do is not let yourself get bored when baked. try to plan somthing to keep you busy or your mind working before you get baked like a movie music or mabey get out of the house and do some sports. if you keep getting it and cant seem to get rid of it maybe getting baked is not for you.

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