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How to clear my body of THC (not drug test)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Joshsignup, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. ok, so blah blah blah seeing a councilor and he tells me that I should do an "experiment" not to smoke for 30 days because THC is stored in fat cells so as long as there is still THC in them some is regularly released into bloodstream = never being completely 100 percent sober therefore never being able to make a completely competent and accurate judgement of my life or whatever. so he wants me to not smoke for a month because that is when all of the THC will be out of my bloodstream. buuuuuuuuuuuut i really really like weed and 30 days = not summer anymore and that sounds lame. but i still want to experience sobriety for personal reasons. what I'm asking is what would be a good way to cleanse my body of THC faster than just sitting around waiting for it to pass naturally? I'm like 5'11, 140 pounds. male, kind of active, i get stoned off of like not much, and smoke like a gram of dank a day, every day, so normally i'm stoned like 90 percent of the time. I smoked last night but im starting the break today, what should i do/take/eat to speed up the process and cleanse my body of THC? I;m not trying to pass a drug test so i dont need to like dilute my piss or anything/ thanks! :confused_2:
  2. Check the stickies, but two great tips are to exercise regularly and drink a lot of water.
  3. Your body gets rid of thc over time by you pissing and sweating. Doing those more would theoretically speed up the process; drink a lot of water and exercise. But I don't see the point. Either smoke or don't.

    Why are there 100 threads like this every day?
  4. What is stored in fat is the metabolites of cannabis. They are a by-product. Their presence does not mean "you aren't completely sober". I think the counselor is really just trying to get you sober for 30 days and then afterwards he'll say, "see? you don't need to get high all the time." I think he'll use it as a ploy to get you to quit permanently. (But that should be your choice not his)

    On principle though, it's good to take a T break ever so often to give your body a rest and you'll lose your tolerance.
  5. What DragonMage said, this counselor is a crafty one...maybe he's a mage too!
  6. well either way, is there any vitamins i could take to speed up the metabolism or whatever?
  7. Probably general vitamins would be good. Other than that, most of the thc comes from sweat so be sure to exercise plenty I suppose.

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