How to clean this bong?

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  1. Hello, really unsure on the correct way to clean this bong anyone know anything that will help me? Peace all 20170903_152407.jpg 20170903_152407.jpg 20170903_152415.jpg

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  2. 91% isopropyl alcohol. Let it soak for a while and give it a good shake
  3. Cheers man seen that a lot would you recommend using salt with it?
  4. A lot of people do, but I personally don't just because it can be a pain in the ass to get it out of all the little percs and stuff. What I do is use plastic wrap and a rubber band to cover "seal" the stem part and just fill it up and let it soak overnight. After a while all that nasty shit should dump right out
  5. Blast hot water from the bathtub or hose from a shower head wand into the joint (where the bowl goes) and let it run and run. A good five minutes is enough for most dirty bongs. It will slowly melt the gunky shit out of it. Then when the glass is still hot AF use isopropyl alcohol.
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  6. Sweet man 70% or 90+% I've heard so many different things just don't wanna ruin my glass haha

  7. I use 91% immediately after flushing with hot water. I use plastic wrap / plastic bag and rubber bands to hold it over the joint where the bowl goes. Then I fill the bong with 91% isopropyl alcohol and then cap the end you put your mouth on with the same trick you used on the joint end.

    I leave the alcohol in the bong over night to several days depending on how dirty my bong is. The worst thing you can do is dab and rip bong tokes out of the same piece. So hard to get clean. For those stubborn bongs you can try magnets.

    One magnet on the out side acts like a handle and one or more on the inside act as scrubbers. I do that after the alcohol has been soaking at least over night. I store the alcohol in a couple mason jars. That way I can submerge the smaller glass pieces and magnets. You can re-use the same alcohol over and over again.

    After its clean enough for my tastes I rinse it one last time with water. If it doesn't smell of alcohol it's clean. Good luck broski :metal:
  8. A piece like that should be cleaned after every use. It will help avoid nasty stains and chunky shit that won't come off.
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  9. alconox.jpg

    Just buy it. Forgot formula 420 and all that. This one 4lb box will last you forever.
  10. Also, you're not filling the perc chambers with water, are you? I can tell by looking at it.

    You got to learn how to fill those guys up, otherwise there's no point in using a good bong like that
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  11. I have done that once, I've never owned/used one like this before. How do you fill them right man?
  12. That's some good advice there bro thank you, sounds like the plan I'm gonna go with!
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  13. Check it out,brother. Take the downstem out and fill the bong with water from the top. When you get the base of the bong filled up to the right point, put the downstem back in it and slowly fill it again from the top. Believe it or not, the downstem acts like a plug even though its hollow in the center. Fill the chambers with just enough water to fill the chambers past the lowest slits or holes in the percs otherwise you'll get backsplash when you take a hit and suck up water with the hit.

    On the other hand, 91% Isopropyl is great for bubblers and bowls, but you'll spend a fortune on it trying to keep a bong clean. Trust me. Buy the alconox and just let it sit overnight lol. The stuff is made for cleaning chemical deposits off of lab flasks and beakers and shit.
  14. agent orange cleaner is great for soaking over night and getting really bad stains off the glass. i use it if iso isn't getting the job done.
  15. isopropyl and salt.. shake.. rinse well... did we really need a thread for this...

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