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How to clean out throat

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by ellzALLdai, Jun 23, 2011.

  1. okay so basically everytime i smoke i cough. ive been smoking for like 3 years and smoke every day so i have alot of phlem and tar and shit in my throat. it started ever since i was sick, i just never really got it all out. does anyone know of a way to clear out your throat? i heard of something like mixing apple vinigar with water and drinking and then throwing up. something stupid but im not trying to stop smoking for a while so i just need a way to clean out my throat really good. any ideas?
  2. Stop smoking. Get a vaporizer!
  3. r u juss smokn bud or cigs cuz if u juss smokn bud u trippn bud isnt bad for ur throat i been smokn since seventh grade never had a problem
  4. ...;)
  5. Mucinex or anything with guaifenesin in it. Guaifenesin is an expectorant and will thin everything out making it easier to cough it up. Just drink plenty of water with it or it won't work nearly as well.
  6. idk try and get a toothbrush down there :confused_2:
  7. make the switch to a vape.

    in the mean time.. keep up with your oral health. brush in the morning and at night. make sure to scrape your tongue... even in the back... drink plenty of water
  8. Toilet brush and Drano.
  9. so here's a hint. You don't need to clear out your throat, you need to clear out your lungs.
    Edibles/vape/smoke less
  10. Sip drank or suck a whoo whoo.
  11. a nice relaxing (hot) shower will help soothe your throat because of all the moisture in the air. feel free to also try taking baths too as they relax your body much easier and faster than a shower.

    after that, drink some tea. drink plenty of water, and possibly take a t-break to allow your body to naturally remove pollutants. plus, smoking supposedly lowers your immune system so try taking a multi-vitamin every day or so to help support your body :)

  12. I seem to have the same problem, it feels like the cold I had 6 months ago is still sticking around. :mad: It's a real pain for sure.
  13. i had the same thing when i was sick. I just drank lemon juice and water. I don't know if it will work but I always drink it when im sick and it clears my throat up

  14. hahahahaha how high are you?
  15. [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yqfCluBH3qY]YouTube - ‪DJ Kool - Let Me Clear My throat‬‏[/ame]
  16. Try taking big, deep breathes before a hit. This will increase your lungs capacity for the hit, thus it won't induce coughing as bad/at all
  17. This one time I had gotten over my cold but still had phlegm in my throat and I went to my bestfriends house and she asked if I wanted to smoke I knew id cough so I didn't really want to but I did and I took a nice hit and then I started coughing and threw up ALL of the phlegm that was left from the cold. It was gross but I felt WAY better after... I'm not telling you to take a big hit and throw up but if you do it will help...

    Whenever I'm sick and I have left over phlegm I like smoking cause it'll make me cough and then I can spit out the phlegm... but you should spit when you normally cough without the bud too cause you need to get that shit out. Taking mucinex will help too. And the lemon water.

    You might want to try gargling with hydrogen peroxide and water... there's directions on how to do it on the back of the hydrogen peroxide bottle. I personally just gargle with straight hydrogen peroxide. Its gross but it works. I just plug my nose so I can't taste it. Do it and it will help clean your mouth too which is good for a smoker. It might sound crazy but that shit ALWAYS helps me. Its good if you have a sore throat too.
  18. rofl, anyway on topic try drinking some sulfuric acid.

    results may vary.

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