How to clean new bong

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  1. I just got ( blazed now ) my new bong the messia illusion doubl perc, and the BL octopus pre-cooler!
    Anyway people have told me using rubbing alcohol and salt will eat your bong or wear it down?
    So what should I do to clean it ??
    Thanks for advise
  2. How would iso and salt wear glass down? That just doesn't make sense to me xD

    Congrats on your new piece man! Are you happy with it?

  3. Sup VToker. :3 What's your V stand for?
  4. iso and salt is fine. ive been doing it for years. another method that i have yet to try but people say works better is simple green
  5. Simple Green. Can be had from anywhere under "all purpose cleaners". Let heavily rezzed pieces sit overnight, repeatedly rinse out with hot water. Some systems will need a lot rinsing, you need to makes sure to clean out the SG or it'll smell and taste "lemony" in a bad way.
  6. People have told me using iso and salt will over time wear down your glass and slowly eat your glass.
    Is simple green an alcohol or anything ?

  7. these people are wrong
  8. maybe they thought ur bong was acrylic or something, its wats in all the cleaners they sell in the headshops and they have even more chemical stuff. its perfectly fine to use. just make sure u rinse it all out before using
  9. I have heard of people boiling their bongs. I used to just get a big scrapper. You got to do it when its still wet though. It would also take me over an hour to clean that way. Have you heard of 420 solution? It's suppost to work really well.
  10. theyre dead wrong as stated right above. iso+salt is probably the most used method because its the most affordable.
    if you believe lying friends and/or are extra paranoid, then go get some grunge off from a headshop, which will be like 3x the price.
  11. i used 420 solution and it did clean one of my pieces better than iso+salt because it has an abrasive in it buuuuuuut that sherlock broke literally less than 2mins later.

    and as far as boiling glass goes, that will weaken glass.
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    420 cleaner is no diffent from salt and alcohol. They get to pull a fast one on n00bs because it's got a blue hue, nice smell, and has smaller pieces of salt. The ony difference between that shit and iso salt is that 420 uses silica salts or a different but very similar type of abrasive. Other than that, it's just alcohol and colourings, which allow them to sell it for much much more.

    2 kilograms of coarse salt at the grocery store = $1.79
    3 pack of 500ml 99 percent iso from Costco = under 10

    there's 4 months of "420 cleaner"

    Oh and simple green, a 4 litre jug costs like 15max, and it's mad reusable. I had my jug for about six months and dumped out maybe a water bottle's worth when I moved out of the place I was living in. I use it for bowls and bubblers though, tubes get the iso salt combo
  13. wellllllllll i got it for free, had some annoying spots, and it worked.
    i cant help but think theres something extra in there though because my sherlock literally just snapped in my hand after cleaning it.
  14. iso , salt and shake, rinse ,dry use it again
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    I'm pretty sure there's like an ingredients list on those bottles. I say what I do because I have read it personally on 420, purple power, orange chronic and all those other rip offs of isosalt

  16. haha i scraped it well it was wet? sounds nasty/difficult dude.....dunno if id be smokin out of that bong personally lol

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