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How to clean my wooden pipe?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lacrossestar, Jul 11, 2003.

  1. Well its not the bowl, but its the stem. Its so full i cant even get really big ass hits that i want... so how do i clean it with a house hold item.
  2. with a pipe cleaner

    or you can straighten out a paper clip, hold it in a flame till its red hot and burn out the blockage.
  3. hmmm.... why do u think they call it a pipe cleaner buddy?
  4. Well see I cant get a pipe cleaner right now because of NO CAR! Its in the shop and i dont know if i just get one at my local publix... i used to play with those thinks all the time like makes arts and crafts when i was younger and also unfourtuantly i dont have a paper clip either so im going to try it with a hanger.

  5. Yeah, a hanger should work too...u just need a ramrod to get the flow going again.
  6. Thanks it worked perfectly
  7. Just for in the future, you can get them anywhere, like cvs or kmart. Even though the car was in the shop, they are everywhere so it wouldnt be that hard to get to, I don't think.
  8. not to preach, but woody'll work best & your weed will taste best if you keep it clean...pipecleaners and fresh screens are a must

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