How to clean my stem piece?

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  1. Clean the bong with salt and alcohol and it's spotless but my stem is still dirty. it's been sitting in a plastic bag with alcohol and salt for over half an hour and it's still black, any help?

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  2. you have to keep shaking the bag every now and again.. soaking alone does nothing...
    or buy a pipe cleaner?
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    use like sea salt..the chunky salt..make sure your ISO is 91% or higher (i feel that makes a difference), or just buy 420 solution from your local head shop, even has a somewhat pleasant smell to it.
    oh your doing it in a need to roll your bag up with everyting in it so you just have that little space for your downstem. then shake it to all hell. if you dont roll your bag up its going to be tedious
  4. First, you'll need:
    -coarse sea salt (it's the most abrasive)
    -isopropyl alcohol 91% or more.(abything under that won't be too effective.)

    As you already cleaned the bong, which is simple, I'll continue with the stem and bowl.

    What I do, is first rinse the piece with water just to get it wet. Then I pour salt in it and the rinse with water allows the salt to stick all over. Then put it in a ziploc with enough alcohol to get in the stem/bowl. Doesn't necessarly have to cover it. Then pour in more salt. Let it sit for 10 minutes. Then shake it vigorously for about a minute (the stem and bowl should be in separate bags btw)

    It should be clean. If not, let it sit over night and shake it in the morning. It will be clean then.

    IF by some strange reason it's still dirty, get a pipe cleaner or get a pencil and wrap a paper towel on it and stick it in the stem. But you shouldn't have to do that
  5. Shake it like a newborn baby man.
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    yea man just shake it, maybe take some Q tips and try to clean it out. Then grab some tongs and hold the stem under very hot water from the sink, that should loosen up some resin.
    Then cool the stem progressively if you put cold water right after hot it might crack.
  7. Get a coat hanger and poke it thru.
  8. Get one of those little plastic containers that holds food in, pour rubbing alcohol in it and put the piece in. Close the lid and shake every 10 mins or so. Should look like new in an hour or so.

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  9. Sometimes I would get a colored pencil and you the side that you can't color with and I would scrape all that stuff off of if

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