How to clean my bong w/o Iso?

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  1. Hey gc. Havent posted in this section in a long time...:rolleyes:

    So, i need to clean my bong. Problem being, i have no rubbing alcohol.
    Whats an alternative way to clean it well, with little effort?
  2. ive heard people using things like dish soap, i mean, it is glass, so im sure it would clean it, but i dont know how safe/unsafe using that kind of thing is haha.
  3. baking soda and hot water. not near as good as ISO and epson salt.... but it gets the job done when in need:bongin:
  4. if you have enough salt just use salt and water. the salt should stay crystallized long enough to swish through a good ten or 15 seconds.

    ps. dont use a lot of water.
  5. One day I wanted to clean my bubbler and had no iso or anything neither...
    Tried a few different things before I tried my body wash, lol...
    It might be from everything I was using before the body wash, but when I was rinsing it out it got quite a bit of the resin chunks out...

    Just rinse it A LOT after you clean it if you turn to body wash lol.
  6. Dont bother, and whatever you do DO NOT USE SOAP or detergent of any kind, it wont help dissolve the resin at all. You could try baking soda and hot water but i have not tried that ever. you could also try salt and water or if you have some otehr ind of grain alcohol that you want to use.
    The salt will dissolve quickly in the water though.
  7. Salt and hot water, not much water, and if you keep adding salt to the solution it will eventually become saturated and the salt wont dissolve anymore, happy tokin with a clean bong :bongin:

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