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How to clean Moldy bong?

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by Luc1d, Feb 6, 2012.

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    So i got this bong, and my friend had moldy weed. we didnt know it though.
    So after a small smoking session we quickly saw my percolator had the reddish brown stuff around it.

    I used nonalc mouthwash and salt and hot water to clean the bong afterwards, but some of the moldy stuff still remains. Will alcohol cleaning for sure remove this or will i have to do some further cleaning? Cause im buying alcohol tomorrow to clean it with, but i didnt have any available tonight. any help?

    edit: also i experienced a little bit of effects from the mold but with in an hour or so i was okay, so dont bring it up.
  2. acetone, then clean it with ISO alcohol and salt to get rid of the acetone
  3. [quote name='"spakky"']acetone, then clean it with ISO alcohol and salt to get rid of the acetone[/quote]

    Acetone really? That's the shit in nail polish remover you use to remove acrylic nails o_O

    That's just for mold though not just regular cleaning right?

  4. acetone is really for cleaning bongs also.

    gets rid of stains well.
  5. I sometimes use it to clean my bubbler like normal..

    ISO alcohol alone for quick and pretty clean
    acetone for super tough parts
    simple green for over night soaking

    depends how I feel pretty much lol. I also use limeaway for the calcium deposits left behind. my town is part of a huge salt mine so there's crazy amounts of calcium in the water here
  6. The works toilet bowl cleaner and then alcohol to make sure the works is out. I use acetone, alcohol, laquer thinner, all kinds of stuff at work and nothing has worked like the works has.
  7. Is anything more than alcohol necessary to remove the mold on my perc though?
  8. I've never had anything stick to my glass after cleaning THOROUGHLY with iso/salt.
  9. Pictures???

    And you wouldnt "feel " the effects of the mold like you stated..... just sayin!
  10. wait so you think that you smoked moldy weed, and now you say you have moldy resin that developed form smoking the moldy weed?

    This makes no sense man, there is no way that mold created a weird red substance in your perc, either you were smoking something that wasn't weed at all or you have no idea what resin is haha
  11. OP, theres no mold in you're bong. Once it was lit on fire, the mold was killed and therefore wouldn't really reproduce inside the downstem of your bong. Its just resin. Clean it like you would any other piece.

    Side Note: Molds that grow on cannabis will give a slight irritation in the mouth and throat, unless you're allergic in which it can get worse depending on how bad the allergy is. Don't worry about it to much, moldy weed won't kill you.

  12. It's funny how you say, "any mold lit on fire, the mold is killed." Then go on to say, "Molds that grow on cannabis will give a slight irritation in the mouth and throat."

    So you tell me. Does the fire kill it?

    You know what, let me answer that: No.

  13. he probably meant that it is visibly destroyed, and the chemical in the smoke irritates the throat

    we all know that weed is visibly destroyed when we burn it, but it still feels like something in our throats when inhaled

    just sounds like you're arguing for the sake of arguing haha
  14. Unless you light your home on fire, there is still environmental mold which has a penchant for growing in wet areas with bacteria, like the inside of a bong filled with water.
  15. there's mold in your bong, man? i would stop smoking out of it all together
  16. Every single glass peice I own, from my old r00r that broke, down to the cheapest china made peice, have had all their 'resin' turn into mold after sitting on a shelf for 2+ months.(Started vaping.)

    The only way I was able to clean it, was to use Forumla 420. It cleaned it out better than anything I've ever used.

    I had a bunch of it left over from when I used to clean my bong weekly.

    Mold or no mold, resin or no resin, stain or no stain; Formula 420 + boiling water will do the trick.

    Be sure to heat up your glass before pouring in the boiling water. You wouldn't want it to crack.

    (Or just let it boil then cool for a good minute or two.)
  17. Well I googled red/brien substance on perc and came across someone with the same thing ad everyone said it was mold. It was after just smoking out of a brand new bong. I cleaned it off with ISo and salt. Pics soon.
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    Yeah, you're burning the mold which makes smoke, just like bud, except it will irritate your mouth and throat when inhaled.

    Either way, the mold in the bong wouldn't be from the mold on the buds, unless ofcourse the bud with mold was pulled through, unburnt, and stuck to the glass. I suppose the mold could grow from it then.


    Yeah mold could still grow on the inside, but I think the OP said that it was there right afterwards. I don't think mold grows that quickly. If there was mold in the downstem it is because its been sitting around for a while.

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