How to clean grinder?

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  1. It depends on what kind of weed you are grinding. Sticky, resinous weed can clog a grinder in just a few buds while grinding dry weed your grinder will seldom get gummed up. Be sure to empty out the bottom compartment of your grinder often if it has a "pollen catcher" below a screen. Save that stuff up and later you can roll it into a joint or add a pinch to a bowl - just as good as any hash you buy.
  2. Dry weed is harsh as hell on the lungs dude - I always try to get the moisture up to about 40-45% because it will burn slower and at a cooler temperature so it doesn't burn the lungs. Try it on a small batch some time.
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  3. How to Test the Moisture Content of Your Cannabis (

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  4. Blue Panda gets it.
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  5. Clean with high proof booze or iso, let evaporate in a glass dish, smoke your hash.
  6. I have a plastic grinder that came with the volcano vaporizer. I would not use alcohol because it could deteriorate the plastic. I have a bio clean solution i could try on it. Have just scraped what I could but its hard to turn now
  7. @Goblin_smasher check the top of the grinder where it slides inside itself. A small hash booger can make it hard to turn
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  8. Yes the top is very caked. I heard an unsettling crack noise when I went to Town with my knife on it. So I am very careful now.
  9. Just put 1/4 cup of rice in your blade grinder for about 60 seconds. Once that happens, the oils and rust will cling to the rice. If you want to do a truly super cleaning of your coffee grinder, try using a vacuum cleaner; it gives an even deeper clean. This is a very effective method for cleaning an electric grinder.

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