How to clean grinder?

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  1. Im curious what you guys use to clean your grinders after they get all sticky. Do you just get a new one?
  2. Soak in alcohol in a baggie or bowl.
    Rinse with alcohol and not water, let it evaporate off, done
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  3. how often do you normally do this? mine got bad after a couple weeks
  4. Depends on the grinder. I have a nice stainless steel grinder with sharp teeth. May clean once every 2 or 3 months.
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  5. clean it when it gets bad.
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  6. Am the only one who doesn't clean grinders??

    I mean why do I need to? I want all that keif and flower built up one day.

    Buy a toothbrush and brush out your grinder instead of using iso, to save all that caked up keif you can still smoke.
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  7. Mine gets so caked I can't turn it. I always scrape what in it before cleaning.
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  8. Mine gets so solidified I can't turn it. I generally scratch what in it prior to cleaning.
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  9. I don't clean my grinder for months so when I do clean it, I get a decent amount of grinder hash :smoking:
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  10. I have a grinder I been using for 4 years now. Still haven't cleaned it and, my lungs haven't been to fucked up yet. Hell I've smoked 3 year old bud before. As long as it's got no mold on it its fine in my book. :laughing:
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  11. Nope. I don’t really clean mine neither. Mines 25yrs old, wood with metal spikes/teeth. A scrape with a screwdriver removes any keif build up.
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  12. Wholeheartedly agree. I had to get a new one because I dropped it and it dented. But after I got it open it was like a treasure chest.
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  13. Never cleaned my grinder.
    Is your weed cured properly ?
    Normally I only grind weed for joints and prefer dryer weed.
  14. scrape the crap off with a knife and then soak in alcohol and let evaporate. Usually do this when it's hard to turn.
  15. mmmmmm ham grinder with bacon...mmmmmmm
  16. i like to shine a bright light on my grinder and torment it until the resin melts off in shame
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  17. hmm I've watched enough videos on high powered lasers to see this as a (less than ideal) but legitimate technique
  18. the unrelenting down talk is more in play than the light in this equation
  19. Soak in high proof grain alcohol instead of Isopropyl.
    Save alcohol mixture , evaporate to half the volume, use what’s left as a tincture:thumbsup:
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