How To Clean Bong

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  1. I just got done smoking out of my bong iv had for a while then i noticed how much resin it has inside. How do i make my piece purrty again? lol any tips?
  2. The search tool is your friend, my friend. here's a hint of what you'll read : iso alcohol, 420 solution, salt, smoke the resin maybe, etc. Hope you find what you're looking for!
  3. step 1: go to walmart, buy 2 liter bottle of Simple Green

    step 2: Fill piece with Simple Green and let soak for 1 hour

    step 3: Profit.
  4. How To Read Stickies
  5. Get some coarse salt.
    Get some 70% or more ISO Alcohol
    Get some brains.

    Na jk- a good amount of salt and enough ISO to cover the salt.
    SHAKE holding all the holes shut
    Clean the slider and downstem with iso on a q-tIP or some shit

  6. ^^^ this is exactly what you should NOT do. Salt will 100% scratch your glass/ hurt your percs over time. proven. gets Simple Green from Walmart or goto your LHS and get Grunge Off. You should never be shaking your bong, especially with salt in it
  7. Cleaned my acrylic bong last night.

    1. Hot water + Iso
    2. Shake
    3. Sea Salt + Iso
    4. Shake
    5. Let sit
    6. Shake again.
    7. Rince out thoroughly.
    8. Load bowl and enjoy.

    Step #8 is the most important.

    Drain in between step 2-3, and 6-7.
  8. google bong cleaner

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