How to clean bong with multible water chambers

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  1. so i just won this bad ass ZOB bong in a poker game. Of course the first thing i did was go home and break it in. Well i live in a dorm and i like to keep everything clean so the RA's cant find it. Even if you dumb the water out, some is still left in because there are 2 additional water chambers in the stem. I dont want to leave that there bc it might mildew. So i tried putting rubbing alcohol to dry it out/ clean it but now i have rubbing alcohol smell that wont come out easily. how should i clean this monster.
    here is a video of one just like mine [ame=""]YouTube - ZOB[/ame]
  2. There's some stuff called Solution 420 or something like that. You pour it in, shake it up, rinse with hot water, and it's so clean. My friend got some of that stuff and his bong went from dirty as hell to brand new looking
  3. I wouldn't worry about your RA's. I used to smoke a lot of weed with my RA freshman year. But then 2nd semester I blazed with everyone in my hall. But, ya just use Solution 420. Great way of getting a nice bong fo free. :smoking:
  4. I know about that but if you watch the video, there are 3 chambers inside the stem that water gets caught in. 2 are additional water chambers, as in they are designed to hold more water, and a difuser or something. after you smoke, and you empty the water, you can never get all the water out of those chambers. i tried for 30 minutes lol. i'm afraid that if i dont do something, it might mildew or something. does anyone have expierince with this?
  5. blow it through? and if it doesnt work recycle a bunch of water or whatever you need to clean it and just a bit of clean water will be fine
  6. blowing doesnt work. its really weird how it is designed but it works amazing until you try to clean it/empty the water. i guess a little water wont hurt but i have a small travel bong that i left a litle water in and now it has water lines on the inside and thats what i was trying to avoid.
  7. +1 on the 420 cleaner. i spent 50$ like a year ago on 420 cleaner and i clean my bong once a week and i got 1 bottle left before i gotta order another. so it is well worth it. cleans the bong perfectly.

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  8. Just hook it up with some 420 cleaner. Since your in dorms if you have celing tiles you can take out I reccomend keeping it in a case up in the ceiling. No need for a nice bong like that to get taken by some RA powertrippin fuck.
  9. i guess ill try some 420 then. its all natural right? does anyone know whats going to happen if i cant get all of it out of those inner chambers? like bad taste in the smoke or something?

  10. nice, that makes you a jackass and a liar.
  11. yeah 420 works like a charm. i have a similar setup in my ROOR... i feel you on the little bit of water left. i have noticed most of it evaporates, and the rest of the water in there is so minimal that it doesnt cause much damage. just make sure you run water through it so its just clean water chillin in those chambers. i clean my roor like 2x a week with 420 :bongin:
  12. yeah illadelphin, your roor looks almost identical to my ZOB. do you leave your roor sitting out or do you put it in a case. i have to put mine in a case and hide the case in a trunk so there isnt alot of air flow
  13. its about half and half hahah im living with my mom til i go to boulder in the fall... but when i was at school i put it in its case, but a little froze because its cold obviously. i dont feel its anything to worry about if a little bit of water is left in those chambers man
  14. thanks man for the advice. +rep for sure
  15. is it a tree or dome perc? mine has 2 dome percs and what I do is just biow as hard as I can to get the majority of the water out, then I run water through it like 2 or 3 times under the tub faucet. when I want to clean the percs, I'll fill the bottom of the tube and put my down stem in, and then I'll pour iso alcohol from the top so that it gets into the first two chambers pretty good and since the steam seals the bottom, the alcohol doesn't go all the way through. Then I just swish it all around for like 30 seconds or so, repeat if I have to.
  16. if you can get water into it then you can def. get it clean with that 420 cleaner or just iso and salt. i'd use iso and salt. pour a little salt through the top of the tube and some in the bubble bottom. then some iso in the bubble and a decent amount through the top of the tube. cover the top of the tube with your hand or plug it with a towel. shake gently for a decent amount of time (all chambers should eventually have iso and salt in it) shake shake shake. be careful and hold the tube sideways with the end plugged still or covered and make sure the joint is plugged or covered too. and shake it all around. 420 cleaners a good chaser cleaner since its kinda price i through a little in after to make sure its squeeky clean. then rinse nicely. that might be a problem in dorms. (running water in room?)

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