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how to clean an acrylic bong

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mastermaster, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. So I own a small acrylic bong ( its about 8 inches tall but it def gets the job done) and its gettin dirty I was wondering how to get it super clean. I have been taking the down steam and bowl and cleaning them in rubbing alcohol but other than soap and water I have really done much to the tube its self. Is there anything to use that will clean the tube better? Iam scared to use the rubing alcohol on it cuz I don't know what it would do to the acrylic. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. I don't know anything about acrylic bongs, but I hear you should never use rubbing alcohol cause it could break it or something.
  3. That's what I've heard too that's why I only clean the metal down steam and bowl with the alcohol and I rinse the shit out of them before I put it all back togeather.
  4. Could really use some help guys.
  5. ah I see. yeah that sounds like it's ok. as for the bong itself, maybe try using one of those bong cleaning solutions they sell online, or maybe until then, soapy water? or warm water and sea salt? maybe even soak it in hot/boiling water but idk if that's safe for it.
  6. One thing I found are the disposable face wash pads with soap already in it and hot water work well

    Edit. But then again mine breaks down so it's east to clean and I keep the bottom of it in the freezer(has beer mug gel or w/e)
  7. Buy a glass bong.

  8. Galss ain't for me. don't trust myself with something so fragile when im high or sober for that matter.
  9. Yea the acrylic is for poolside. I can't have glass out there...
  10. i didnt know acrylic got fucked by alcohol till after i tried cleaning my bong lol now my clear acrylic bong for the gas mask bong is frosted haha
  11. Buy a cheap cleaning solution that is made for smoking from a local head shop or online. I use Formula 420 and it works really well. All you do is pour the solution into your bong, cover the openings and shake for like a minute and rinse it out a few times with water. I guarantee your bong will come out looking brand new.
  12. #12 mastermaster, Aug 1, 2011
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    Thanks man. I will hit up the local shop and see what they got here later. I was just hoping for a found around the house way to clean it but hey sometimes you gotta do things a different way.
  13. #13 Ibanezrocker08, Aug 2, 2011
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    Yeah at first I didn't want to spend money on cleaning supply but when I got to the store it was so cheap. I think I paid $9 (and got a free lighter) for a bottle that I estimate I'll be able to clean my entire set-up (18in bong, downstem, and 2 slides) about 8 times. It's worth it dude
  14. Sorry guys quick question, does boiling water not damage acrylic bongs? I always thought it might for some reason.
  15. Tip: throw it away. Get some class and buy some glass
  16. i cleaned my acrylic today with 99% rubbing alcohol and it broke it lol, it cracked all the inside of it, and the bottom of the bong fall off. Had to buy a new one today

  17. I witnessed my two friends try and clean an acrylic bong with rubbing alcohol. They both held it to cover the holes and it got all over and cracked like a mofo. One of them even got rubbing alcohol in his eyes. Some people have to learn the hard way.

    OP try and get a lot of those pipe cleaners (enough that they fit snug in the bongs opening) and use soap and water to scrub the shit out. Not sure if it works but just giving you somethin to try.
  18. If you have 99% you can dilute it, thats what i do for my new acrylic, just dilute it with more water, and episom salt... it still cleans it without wrecking my acrylic just involes a bit more shaking but thats okay,
  19. Throw it away and buy a glass bong.
  20. Fill it with water and drop one of grandmas polident tablets into it.

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